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Two extreme authoritarians on a bus

The author describes his characters as a social justice warrior and a neo-Nazi. His point is that authoritarians end up wanting similar things whatever their excuses.

SJW: Did you hear that at the University of Michigan, they’re so progressive, student activists demanded segregated areas for students of colour?

NN: This is exactly as it should be—the races are distinct and should stay that way. We must all strive to keep our unique practices intact. Honestly, it sickens me to see whites shamelessly adopting the customs of other cultures.

Both agree that

It’s the libertarian types who are the worst, with their self-serving so-called freedoms.

19 comments to Two extreme authoritarians on a bus

  • Oh, now, that was laugh out loud. It would make a great video sketch. . . .

  • NickM

    I’d write a longer comment if I hadn’t so many blues and jazz records to torch.

  • bobby b

    That’s nothing. I had tacos tonight.

    I hate myself.

  • Shlomo Maistre

    I had mozzarella sticks and whiskey.

  • They’ll be signing a Non Aggression Pact any day now.

    Watch out Poland

  • John B

    Fascist, National Socialist (Nazi), Socialist, Social Justice Warrior, Anti-Nazi/Fascist are just terms for the same thing.

    Like Christians/Muslims who come with a variety of names but the same ideology, and persecute and fight each other because each one is ‘right’ and ‘just’.

  • Maximo Macaroni

    But our modern-day totalitarians push integrated everything – there’s a black and Hispanic or other non-Anglos not only in every show and every commercial, but in every shot on every show and commercial.

    With today’s technical expertise, isn’t it possible for each household – each viewer, for that matter – to receive commercials and programs that match his desired color mix, from all-white or all-black to totally confused the way it is today? My, what a ruckus that would cause!

  • Thailover

    Nazi = national SOCIALIST german worker’s party.

    That the Left are totalitarians doesn’t surprise me or confuse me in the slightest. That they are liars and hypocrites and completely lack any self awareness doesn’t confuse nor surprise me either. They hate liberty, as framed by America’s “framers”. That is, freedom of action within the context of negative rights. They, instead, tout “positive rights”, the alleged right to enslave others to give them what they haven’t or perhaps won’t provide themselves. That the alleged right to violate rights is a self negation doesn’t bother them a bit, because their position is not one they’ve reasoned themselves into. It’s an article of faith in their crypto-religion of Leftism.

    Threaten to shatter their illusury Narrative with reason and they’re shaken to the core, which is why James Demore was not only fired, but painted as a sexist bigot. The irony is that James Demore is a believer in the leftist narrative, and was only trying to be helpful. He’s a classic case of being tech brilliant, (“nerd”), but politically naive.

  • “Separate but equal” used to be the slogan of the Afrikaaner Party in South Africa, and of certain southern Democrats in the US. Is it now the slogan of the University of Michigan – or are whites, with their ineradicable inherited guilt (and, it would seem, their also ineradicable privilege) not at all equal to minority groups, with their ineradicable victimhood?

  • Mr Black

    I doubt that anyone gives any thought to libertarians. They are just about irrelevant to politics.

  • Laird

    Mr Black, please don’t destroy our illusions!

    Anyway, I don’t think you’re entirely correct. Yes, as a political “party” (sneer quotes intentional, and that from someone who is an active member of it) Libertarians are irrelevant, but as an intellectual movement they are not. Many libertarian ideas dismissed as lunacy 20 years ago have now entered the political mainstream. I think we’re now entering the third stage of Gandhi’s (probably apocryphal) quote “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Whether we ever make it to stage 4 remains to be seen.

  • I doubt that anyone gives any thought to libertarians. They are just about irrelevant to politics.

    Strangely, Theresa May explicitly disagrees with you.

    But there is a reason I never support “Libertarian Parties”, because politics follows a culture’s accepted axioms, and although we will always have a fight on our hands, in fact we have done great on that score; many libertarian views that were fringe 50 years ago are now no longer really ‘libertarian’ views, they are just mainstream axioms. We also lost ground in some areas, that is for sure, but on balance I would say the trend line’s moving average is pointed in the right direction.

  • Laird

    “politics follows a culture’s accepted axioms”

    Fair enough, Perry, but somebody has to create those axioms. At the moment they mostly seem to be written by the left, and it is only the libertarians who are offering a coherent, rational opposing viewpoint (certainly the conservatives seem to have abandoned the field). As a political party Libertarians don’t really expect to win elections, so from that narrow perspective they are indeed irrelevant. But they are one of the main vehicles by which libertarian ideas (those “axioms”) are communicated to the larger society, which is certainly important. Think tanks and other entities provide the intellectual foundation for libertarian ideas, but their reach is limited; Libertarian political candidates help spread the message, too. You really shouldn’t be so dismissive.

  • Its playing into the progressive game to pretend everybody on the right is nazi. The real problem with libertarians this tendency to pretend we can be aloof from this all. We are ‘right’ because the left/right functions as aligned/non-aligned. The left is aligned, with the intention of subverting our governments to achieve power. Everyone else is right to them- including people we would think of as leftist. Thus this nonsense about neo-nazis- probably the least relevant people in the universe.

    But the primary thing is that they don’t want us to cooperate against the left. And they also use all these lies as a form of control. Speaking the lie allows them to know that you are controlled. And we keep not cooperating to end the danger, because whoever they attack they make sure we know they are these terrible racists, you know. Until you are stuck in a stairwell alone with antifa coming at you with bats. Then you start feeling a little like, gee, I’ve contributed to my own demise here by not cooperating with others.

    If someone is actually adopting Nazi ideology, that’s a clue they’ve been severely dispossessed.

  • Paul Marks

    Good post.

  • Paul Marks

    As for pretending that the Nazis do not exist or there are only a few of them.

    What were those people marching into the University of Virginia with torches chanting the Nazi slogan “Blood and Soil” – they were NAZIS.

    And everyday I come upon people repeating (as truth) Nazi propaganda about World War II – and some of these scum (for scum they are) call themselves libertarians.

    Julie B. (“Libertarian Girl”) points out that many former libertarians are now “White Nationalists” – Nazis. It tends to start by believing lies about the First and Second World Wars (lies pushed by Patrick Buchanan and others) and develops from this seed of poison.

    That is the greatest victory for the left – for it turns their lies (that their foes are racialists) into the truth.

  • Julie near Chicago

    Paul’s remarks about certain “right-wing” people’s lies about WW I and WW II prompt me to recommend the latest podcast from Victor Davis Hanson, nominally on the film Dunkirk. This is disposed of in short order, and then VDH talks about some of the circumstances of WW II. I think his remarks about the cooperation possible among the Allies vs. that among the Axis powers are especially interesting. He seems to think that it had something to do with the degree of freedom in the Allied countries (except, of course, the U.S.S.R, but he has an interesting observation or two there also).

    “Dunkirk: The Film and the Facts.” ~ 17 minutes. Currently on the first page at


  • NickM

    Paul is 100%. Anyone who goes on about blood and soil is a NAZI.

  • Alisa

    No one argued – neither on this blog, nor anywhere else I know of – that there were no Nazis there, or that there are no Nazis in the US. This is getting tiresome.