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This kind of clotted nonsense could only be generally circulated and generally believed in England, where newspapers claiming to be conservative and reliable are the most utterly untrustworthy of any on earth. In apology for these newspapers it may be said that their untrustworthiness is not always due to intention, but more frequently to ignorance and prejudice.

– W. R. Hearst in a telegram to The Times printed on 2 November 1907. In it he denies ever using the words: “You provide the pictures and I will provide the war,”. Hat-tip W. Joseph Campbell Getting it wrong: ten of the greatest misreported stories in American journalism.

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  • Alisa

    Finally a SI QotD! 😛

  • Patrick Crozier


  • Alisa


  • This kind of clotted nonsense could only be generally circulated and generally believed in England,

    If only this were true.

  • Paul Marks

    Mr Hearst was no conservative – indeed his later film “Gabriel Flew Over the White House” blames the Great Depression on Big Business and supports the idea of a dictator who can have killed anyone he does not like (see Jonah Goldberg’s “Liberal Fascism” for why some of Franklin Roosevelt’s supporters broke with him because they wanted him to be MORE not less Fascist than he was, for example Father Coughlin who really attacked Franklin Roosevelt from the Fascist LEFT ). Still Mr Hearst could have been saner 20 years before – but his newspapers were still Progressive rubbish in 1907, pushing city government ownership of utilities and transport.

    As for British newspapers – whilst not up the the standard of the Chicago Tribune under Colonel RM (not the Chicago Tribune now – which is full of “School of Journalism” types), they are and were better than the newspapers of William Randall Hearst.

    Still “click on the link Paul – click on the link”. O.K.

  • Paul Marks

    O.K. I have now clicked on both links.

    One is an advert for a book on Amazon – I do not know the author.

    The other link is to a telegram by Mr Hearst that shows him to be a lunatic – claiming (for example) that “England” (he means the United Kingdom) is stirring up Orientals to murder Americans.

    Well at least my low opinion of Mr Hearst is confirmed. He was a typical Progressive.

  • tdk

    It’s not immediately obvious why Hearst denying saying “You provide the pictures and I will provide the war proves anything. To misquote Well he would say that, wouldn’t he?

    There are two parts to this
    1. Can the media start wars – I tend to the view that newspapers reflect the views of those who buy them, rather than lead them.
    2. Did an egomaniac think, write or say this – I don’t know. The fact (as Paul Marks points out) his denial quickly changes the subject to Britain’s supposed desire to whip up war against the US doesn’t make me warm to him.