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Samizdata quotes of the day

Guy Herbert: Theresa May proven worse than cancer. It is a fine slogan
Perry de Havilland: Guy’s remark needs to be SQOTD
Guy Herbert: Along with my NHS slogan I hope: “Better than Greece”

6 comments to Samizdata quotes of the day

  • Andrew Douglas

    Out of control control freak loses control.

  • bob sykes

    Looks like Brexit is back on the table.

  • Looks like Brexit is back on the table

    I have my doubts but the notion is not as unimaginable as it was yesterday 🙄

  • Paul Marks

    The whole “Red Tory” “Radical Joe” Chamberlain approach was wrong. The Marxist Labour Party, under Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, did not have to make the case against the philosophy of freedom – the manifesto of Mrs May (the unelected leader of my own party) did that. After the publication of the manifesto the election debate was over how much “good” the government could do for people – and Labour was always going to do well in that sort of discussion.

    As for British independence from the European Union – the Democratic Unionist Party is in favour of that, but are they in favour of real independence? In favour of E.U. laws (the so called “single market”) no longer being valid in our internal affairs?

  • Guy Herbert

    There was a context: Perry Metzger pointed out if May goes in short order she will have served less time as PM than the (relatively decent) Andrew Bonar Law, who was forced to retire by throat cancer. Later news suggests May intends to cling to power regardless of almost everybody in the country – especially in the Conservative Party,

  • Derek Buxton

    What Conservative Party would that be Sir? Mrs. May continues that fine line of the Camoron, a supposedly conservative but red in tooth and claw.