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Happy birthday Helen Szamuely!

Happy birthday Helen Szamuely. You got to see both of your life’s works achieved, proving that in your case, “a life in politics is NOT doomed to end in failure” . How typical that you’d contradict Enoch Powell in the process!

The USSR is gone, UK Independence Day was one year and two days ago. Brian Micklethwait once described the job of the Libertarian Alliance in the Cold War as “making it end in victory at least 15 seconds sooner” .

You saved us all a lot of time!

Thanks! I shall toast your life’s work on this beautiful Sunday. Wish you were here.

[Crossposted at Antoine Clarke’s not very active blog.]

4 comments to Happy birthday Helen Szamuely!

  • Mr Ed

    I only met Helen once, working on the election campaign of a certain distinguished historian who was standing against the soon to be ‘Fat Pang’ in Bath (1992). She sparkled with wit and insights at the start of that long road. RIP.

  • Absolutely concur

    Happy Birthday Helen

    And Many wonderful Birthdays to come

  • Paul Marks

    Yes indeed Antoine – agreed on all points.

    Helen S. was wonderful – indeed a hero.

    The people of this country, indeed the West generally, will never know what they owe her (and others).

    “Whilst simple folk are protected – simple they will be” we should not be angry at the fact that most people do not know who protects them and what would freeze their hearts with terror and lay their towns to ruin – if they were not protected.

  • TDK

    I presume Taylor does not know Helen Szamuely died in the past year.

    In any case, the day to celebrate Brexit is April 2019. We should not become complacent.