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Post-Brexit Britain will no longer be bound by an EU Code of Conduct that seeks to police the online speech of over 500 million citizens and ban ‘illegal online hate speech’. Or an EU law that encourages the criminalisation of ‘insult’. Or a proposed EU law that undermines fundamental freedoms by purging Europe of every last shred of supposed ‘discrimination’ […] There is just one, small problem: when it comes to censorship and the quashing of civil liberties, the UK doesn’t need any encouragement from the EU, or anybody else.

Paul Coleman

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  • The OP is correct, but it is easier to get rid of one law wholly in parliament’s control than an overarching law outside our control. Once we are outside the EU, events will create political pressure to exploit that fact.

  • CaptDMO

    Latest studies show….
    Gosh, Looks like it’s gonna be US/UK against the Jerrys AGAIN.
    Ms. Merkle seems to be throwing a Clinton for not getting HER way at the candy display in the check out line.
    HEY! Germany still has a few pretty good maps of the Middle East deserts lying around….don’t they?

  • I suspect it’s just that she’s just coming up for an election and she knows that having hissy fits about Trump is a likely vote winner

  • Mr Ecks

    I am voting for Brexit not Dress Up May.

    She is indeed an arrogant authoritarian BluLabour bitch.

    However the semi-good news is that–despite counter claims on Samizdata–she is THICK. As was demonstrated again by her antics in calling out troops –and then sending them first to guard the boss class–HoC etc. Already well-protected. Literally hundreds of Daily Mail comments noticed and criticised that. Annoying the very people who should be her strongest supporters.

    Hopefully the venom and arrogance of the EU will make it impossible for her to stage a sell-out. Thus leaving her arrogance and stubborn stupidity to undermine her attempts to turn the nation into a full-on police state. Esp in the case of her Chi-com style Internet takeover.

    Stupidity and stubborn conceit have been the ruin of many tinpot tyrants.

    The mistakes will come thick and fast from now on.

  • I agree completely with Mr. Ecks on this. On this occasion she should be voted for, but she will be a brittle leaders who can be replaced with someone better as she really ain’t that smart.

  • I think Perry is fairer than Mr Ecks. A second in geography at Oxford is not quite consistent with being “thick” but wholly consistent with being “not that smart.”
    However, even assuming she does manage to scrabble over the line ahead of Corbyn, I’m not sure that the search for “someone better” in Tory ranks is going to be that productive. Davis obviously has a backbone, but seems a bit erratic. Boris even more erratic. Gove – behaved very strangely last time out. Hunt – transparently slimy. Hammond – a Europhile Redwood without the charisma. Really not obvious who they’d turn to.

    I suspect Mrs M’s problem is not a shortage of intellectual wattage per se, but the sense of intellectual inferiority derived therefrom, leading to the control freakery that is the more serious problem.

  • Davis obviously has a backbone, but seems a bit erratic

    I can live with ‘a bit erratic’. Davis is very much the best of the Tory bunch regarding civil liberties (a low bar, I know) and has a (more or less) grasp of real world economics 😉

  • Derek Buxton

    I too agree with Mr. Ecks, I do not see Mrs May as a conservative of any sort. She seems totally unaware of what the EU is and how it works. To make things worse she does not understand that Treaties signed in good faith are controlled by a separate organisation who have their own rules. Breaking such Treaties can have consequences, some thing else missing from the May agenda. Nevertheless, I find that I will have to vote for the “pretend” conservatives on the basis that poor as Mrs. May is, the other parties would be a damned sight worse.

  • Mr Ecks

    Lee Moore–I agree that she can likely put her shoes on the right feet.

    It is just that when you see her actions and/or inaction thick is the only label that seems suitable.

    People arrested in Manchester FFS for saying nasty things about Islam.

    Common sense should tell her to allow a period for anger to be vented (unless actual murder is being planned or something). Please don’t say “it’s the law” because we all know how that can be bent when it suits them. As witness the flexible severity with which mortgage fraud is dealt depending on whether you are Tommy Robinson or Peter Mandelson.

    She knows all the faces at the Home Office . She was their useless boss for years. She could have told them to lay off for a while and let rage cool. That would have been smart even to someone like me who despises her agenda. No. In fact –since the cowardice and under-the-thumb nature of Britain’s PC-controlled senior bluebottles is well known–it would not surprise me if she has given orders to bolster their zeal. I don’t know and can’t prove that but it certainly would not surprise me.

  • Thailover

    Our mission is FAR from over. Most the politicians and half the populous wants the government to be paternalistic and to police our behavior, our thoughts and our language. Who would have thought 10yrs ago that selling the idea of free speech would be so difficult? When feelings trumps (alleged) “speaking power to truth”, then it’s no wonder delusional idiots are empowering those who plot our destruction…openly. For the political left to embolden Islamic theocracy and SJW loonies is nothing short of utterly insane.

  • Thailover

    “People arrested in Manchester FFS for saying nasty things about Islam.”

    As a (stereo)typical “red blooded” American, I have to ask, WHAT THE F*&^%?! This planet is going to hell in a handbasket.

  • Thailover

    From Wikipedia:

    “Merkel has been widely described as the de facto leader of the European Union, the most powerful woman in the world, and the leader of the free world.”

    Leader of the free world. Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!!

    Oh the irony. She was born in ’54. Isn’t she due to die from some age-related disease?

  • Laird

    Careful, there, Thailover. I’m older than that!

  • Cal Ford

    John Redwood would be good, if only he didn’t have this great ability to repel average voters.

  • Paul Marks

    As the late Mr J. Owens said when asked why he was representing the United States (must of which was segregated) in the 1936 Games – “there is nothing wrong with the United States that Mr Hitler is going to fix”.

    For all the failings of Mrs May (and I am on the opposite wing of the Conservative Party to Mrs May) putting the European Union on top of the British government just make things worse.

    As for those people who think that Mr Jeremy Corbyn would be better (rather than horribly worse) on Civil Liberties – you are so mistaken that I do not know where to start.