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Friday cat post

Here is a tweet about a cat video:

This is the best internet video I’ve ever seen

I am sure there is some sort of political message in this response to it:

Food was given to the brown cat when he rang the white cat’s bell, teaching him all the wrong lessons.

8 comments to Friday cat post

  • Paul Marks


  • This is just an example of sociologists wasting money.

    Cats do not need bells to tell their servants when to serve food.

    Best regards

  • Alisa

    Identity politics – it’s not just for humans!

  • Brian Swisher

    This week, I saw a car with a bumper sticker that said, “My cat is a Democrat”. I thought, “Lies around all day waiting to collect benefits – you may have a point.”

  • jsallison

    Nigel S @7:30:

    A caring cat with a bell to ring when it’s hungry would be helpful to it’s indentured servants by removing ambiguity. ‘Meowr!’ ‘Oh Wtf do you want now?’ as opposed to ‘dingding’ ‘Ah, feeding time, be right on it guvnor.’

    Given my felines’ tendencies to knock things over when they’re hungry, I’d muchly appreciate a bell. 😉

  • The brown cat is left-handed. Allowing it to use the white cat’s bell is an accommodation to the differently abled, mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act. The brown cat is probably allowed to vote as well.

  • Rob Fisher

    I was thinking the Twitter commenter was a union chief, complaining that the brown cat should not be doing the work of the white cat.