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New £5 note is a good start but…

…you cannot please everyone no matter what you do, so do not even try:

Cambridge Rainbow vegetarian cafe refuses new £5 note

I would sign a petition not to remove animal products from the £5 note. Seriously. I am so through with being accommodating in oh so many ways and on oh so many issues.

If it was up to me, bank notes would all be printed on slices of bacon 😉

27 comments to New £5 note is a good start but…

  • long-lost cousin

    Seems like they’ve given up on prosecuting dine-and-dash. “I tried to pay but they wouldn’t take my money” from a guy with only fives on him…

    The only problem that I see is that I’d have to eat vegetarian food to go troll them. I’ll do a lot for a joke but not quite that much.

  • Cal

    It’s a virtue-signalling publicity stunt to get free advertising. But I hope they go out of business doing this.

  • If money were printed on bacon, the money supply would go down drastically, as would the supply of hogs. And it would give a new frisson to counterfeiting, with the ability to easily destroy the evidence.

  • Mr Ed

    If it was up to me, bank notes would all be printed on slices of bacon ?

    Keynesian turncoat scoundrel, fiat Fed/Jekyll Island Globalist splitter are you then?

    If it was up to me, gilded bank notes would all be printed on slices of bacon ?

    = Libertarian.

  • Mr Ed

    The note contains tallow, sheep or beef fat.

    In the aptly-named Killhope Lead mine in beautiful Weardale, in the northern Pennines, the miners used tallow candles, which are very bright. They had the added advantage of being edible, hence a food source for those miners trapped by collapses whilst they awaited rescue.

    Tallow saved lives and helped us move away from the Stone Age.

  • Pat

    @ llc. The fiver is legal tender. If they don’t accept it they’re refusing payment.

  • Seriously Ed, I thought it went without saying that money printed on bacon would be gilded 😛

  • I sneeze in threes

    It’s legal tender in the settlement of a debt, but they are refusing to accept your business and so create a debt if you only have fivers and they indicate that before you agree to make a purchase. I assume they think that would that therefore be part of the “terms of a contract“?

    “If a debtor pays in legal tender the exact amount he/she owes under the terms of a contract (and in accordance with its terms), or pays this amount into court, he/she has good defence in law if he/she is sued for non-payment of the debt.”


  • I assume they think that would that therefore be part of the “terms of a contract“?

    I imagine you are correct. I wonder if that would also be true if their Terms and Conditions also said “we do not accept business from homosexuals/Muslims/Tories/people wearing Crocs”? Take a guess which might be ok 🙄

  • auralay

    Why do I get this urge to order a cake with a picture of a steak on it?

  • Thailover

    “Tallow’s] an animal product isn’t it? Our whole business is based around not having anything like that on the premises,” Mrs Meijland said.”

    I contain fat. I won’t be on their premises. ‘Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn what some wacko vegetarian shop owner won’t accept. Now, if it were Walmart…different story.

  • Why do I get this urge to order a cake with a picture of a steak on it?

    Just make sure to tell them you self-identify as a pansexual African lion and that your preferred pronoun is “Your Carnivorousness”, this will help when you drag them into court later if they refuse.

  • Paul Marks

    These cafe owners are idiots – but either one believes in private property rights or one does not (I do believe in private property rights).

    And that means that these idiots must be allowed to refuse in “animal” fivers – or refuse to trade with blond people (if that is their wish).

  • Vinegar Joe

    If only pork fat were used, it’d might solve a few problems…….

  • RAB

    Shucks. And there I was looking out for the ones that begin…AK 47 in the serial number as they are worth a fortune on ebay, while all the time they contain animal fat. Er… WHY do they contain animal fat? They are cheap plastic notes that look like cheap plastic notes so what are they doing with animal fat in them? Does my garden furniture contain animal fat? I think I should be told. There could be another Indian Mutiny before long.

  • Bruce

    Anyone got the “chemistry” of these polymer notes? I doubt there is much “tallow” anywhere in the production / printing.

    Australia was the first country to introduce these things, decades ago. They are MUCH harder to forge, having clear “windows” and such.

    Now, the Oz plant that makes them export a LOT of plastic notes to countries around the world. Viet Nam springs to mind. The Dutch and the US have a few in circulation as well, I seem to recall.

    I was more miffed when the bean-counters in Canberra decided to delete the Oz dollar bill and substitute a “gold” coin, AND then tried to see if it would “float”.

    Worked a treat, NOT!

  • bobby b


    So now, if you want to bribe someone, you need to literally grease their palm?

  • Laird

    I was thinking the same as long-lost cousin: I’d go there carrying nothing but £5 to force them either to accept the notes as payment (they are legal tender and can’t lawfully be refused) or give me the meal for free, except I doubt I could find anything edible there.

  • RAB

    Maybe it will become a slang term, as in… ‘ere Steve, when you going to pay me back that animal I lent you in the pub last weekend?

  • the other rob

    I doubt there is much “tallow” anywhere in the production / printing.

    This was discussed elsewhere (possibly Tim Worstall’s place, I’m too lazy to look) and it was pointed out that every meal likely contained more animal, in the form of tiny flakes of skin that had fallen off the chef.

  • Bod

    My guess, based on almost no knowledge, would be that the machinery that cuts or presses the polymer stock into currency is lubricated with tallow, so it’s more a benign contaminant than a component.

    I hesitate to compare this to the cover-your-ass language used by food companies who might have accidentally dropped a peanut into their production line in 1976, but I think that’s what’s going on here.

    Consequently, the relationship of tallow to the bank notes is probably more tenuous than the relationship of the bonemeal that was spread on the organic, locavore tomatoes they serve with lentils and tabouli.

  • Brian Swisher

    Shades of the Great Mutiny…

  • bobby b

    P.S. Tallow has long been used in the production of many forms of plastic sheeting as both an anti-static agent and to help sheets slide over, instead of stick to, other sheets.

    I wonder if the vegans understand that they’re going to get the same beef experience any time they handle most forms of polymerized plastics.

    Could be fun to point this out to them. “You know those plastic shoes you bought because you won’t use leather? Well . . . “

  • Laird

    bobby b, I seriously doubt that any vegans know that. They’re far too busy signaling their virtue and feeling superior to actually know much.

    Anyway, we should start referring to them as “vogons”. Just a typo, you know.

  • Paul Marks

    Bleep “legal tender” – if someone does not want to accept something as payment, that is their business (literally).

  • Mal Reynolds (Serenity)

    I’ve actually eaten there maybe 5 years ago. Even for vegetarian food it is average. No major loss to you if this makes you decide to avoid…