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Impending works – Monday afternoon/evening, London Time!

Samizdata is being moved to a newer, more lush, perhaps more louche server. This will also provide for freshening-up of the blog software, and a gradual migration to HTTPS.

Impact: Samizdata will be irregularly-offline this upcoming Monday, December 5th, starting from an estimated 3pm London time (10am Eastern, 1600h CET) for an estimated 4-to-6 hours, perhaps a little longer depending on how long the DNS bookkeeping takes.

If the migration fails we’ll fall back to the existing machine and continue, but it’s likely to be okay. Assuming that everything goes well, you may still expect a little flakiness when accessing the blog for up to 24 hours afterwards; after that time it’s a “bug”, or else we dropped something in transit.

“Fortune favours the bald!”, or something like that…

11 comments to Impending works – Monday afternoon/evening, London Time!

  • the other rob

    Best of luck with it!

  • mezzrow

    Will there be cake with the new server?

  • But mezzrow, the cake is a lie and we never lie on Samizdata. Well, hardly ever 😎

  • Bod

    PdH provides a ‘tell’ on what he does with his spare time on a PC.

  • the other rob

    Shouldn’t that be “Cake is lie”?

  • more lush
    Absolute Not!

    more louche
    Now we’re talking…

    I presume the gradual move to https:// is unrelated to the recently enacted UK Gov. “Snoopers Charter” and is just something that has been in the pipeline for years…

  • bobby b

    For a site that receives no financial or identity-related data from its users – no one sends you a credit card number, or a password, or anything beyond text that is explicitly sent to you to be published – why HTTPS? The text is hidden, sure, but the IP addresses are still open.

    I could understand it if you were introducing a line of cute stuffed hippos and taking credit card payment for them, but otherwise it seems like it just increases your bandwidth needs.

  • djc

    HTTPS, inreases the site’s position on Google searches.

    https as ranking signal

  • admin

    “why HTTPS?”
    1) because passive observers should not be, to the best of one’s ability, permitted to establish what you are looking at, other than the fact that you are looking at it
    2) because HTTPS protects the responses – webpages, javascript – from being tampered-with, having extra Javascript injected into them on-the-fly, etc.

  • The Jannie

    “after that time it’s a “bug”” . . . or a feature . . .

  • Fortune favors the bald!

    A common misinterpretation. The original quote is

    4-chan favors the bold!

    It refers to the importance of using strongly-weighted fonts in online message boards to make your words stand out.