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Quite right too…

Politicians from all sides lined up to condemn the Conservative Party tactics in the race, but in the aftermath, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon refused to apologise.

“In the rough and tumble of elections, you get stuff said, questions asked,” Fallon told the BBC. “I think it is right that candidates for some of the most important offices in Britain do get scrutinised about their past associations.”

And Fallon is right to refuse to apologise, because apologising for highlighting Sadiq Khan’s vile associates would be like apologising for highlighting the past associates of some ‘right-winger’ who had shared a platform with members of the KKK.

What the Tory Party should be apologising for is running a twattish zillionare green like Zac Goldsmith as a candidate.

19 comments to Quite right too…

  • JohnK

    There cannot be any sort of security vetting for the Mayor of London, since Ken Livingstone did the job. Given his associations, Sadiq Khan would fail too. Yet the Mayor must have a role in the security of the capital.

    It would have made more sense to have gotten rid of this phoney position and turned the Mayor’s wonky glass gonad next to Tower Bridge into luxury flats for corrupt Chinese civil servants. At least that way we would have got some money back.

  • Like Perry, I’ve been struck by how viciously the BBC is pushing the ‘how dared they say that’ line about mentioning Khan’s past. The put it in everywhere – even into their Scottish coverage where the Scottish Tories’ 21st-century’ campaign was pointedly contrasted with the’old-Style Tory’ and (so) ‘ugly’ London race in a very ‘good modern Tories’ v. ‘bad old Tories’ style.

    What I don’t know is whether Fallon needs “punch back twice as hard” advice or whether he did in fact – whether his full quote was along the lines of, “When a muslim candidate refers to moderate muslims as ‘Uncle Toms’ – and that it just one of a number of concerning words and deeds – then it’s particularly inappropriate for you to criticise me because I think it is right that candidates for some of the most important offices in Britain do get scrutinised about their past associations.” and the BBC ruthlessly cut the details.

    (The BBC dislike the SNP enough that since the referendum their coverage of Scottish Tories has seemed almost balanced on occasions. 🙂 )

  • Derek Buxton

    Perhaps they could not find a sufficiently rich and daft pretend tory to try! The current administration seems to lack all knowledge and exists only to punish would be Tory voters.

  • “What the Tory Party should be apologising for is running a twattish zillionare green like Zac Goldsmith as a candidate.”

    This. it was theirs to lose and they lost it.

  • Alisa

    Does anyone have any links handy, showing Khan having associated with Islamists? (Yes, I am aware of the ‘Uncle Tom’ thing).

  • lucklucky

    The conservative party also should apologise by that phony answer by Michael Fallon that Niall Kilmartin illustrates so well.

    Alisa : Order Order website and maybe upharry website. Also check my links in a topic about this election from couple days ago.

  • Alisa

    Thanks for the tip, lucklucky. In case anyone else reading here has not been following, I found this, and it seems fairly balanced.

  • Phil

    Wow, if that list of actions and positions doesn’t make him an extremist then I’d hate to know what the membership requirements are for that group!

    That read like an inverse “I come to bury Ceasar not to praise him” speech. The noble Nasar has told us that he is not an extremist and so it must be true for Nasar is an honorable man, and so are they all “honorable” men.

  • Flubber

    Read Maajid Nawaz’s piece at http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/05/08/the-secret-life-of-sadiq-khan-london-s-first-muslim-mayor.html

    It details how Sadiq buddied up with an awful lot of scumbags over the years.

    It does beg the question – is there a Muslim politician on the left who whilst not an extremist personally, hasn’t gotten into bed with nutters for votes?

  • Flubber

    Oops sorry Alisa… I just realised I bogarted your link…

  • Alisa

    No biggie, Flubber 🙂

  • Don’t think it matters much who they put up in London now, Boris was an anomaly plus he first rand in the wake of chaos king Livinstone. But while Labour’s working class core vote in the north and Midlands slowly dies off or bleeds away to UKIP, the London bourgeois luvvie Labour vote seems to be hardening, because luvvies need to be seen to CARE.

  • Regional

    Ed Butt,
    You’ve described the Beltway in Sinny and they CARE about a lot of issues with which they have no connection. One of their causes de jour is depriving trees of CO2 to turn into oxygen and this Bogan is skeptical how many have actually been to a opera at the Opera House although built just above water line has not been inundated by rising sea levels.

  • Nicholas (Excentrality!) Gray

    For years, Tom Hacker had dinners at the Russian Embassy, and nobody claimed he was a communist! (From ‘Yes, Minister’ or ‘Yes, Prime Minister’.) Has the Mayor also been seen with Christian scumbags, to balance things out?

  • Regional

    Jim Hacker perhaps.

  • thefrollickingmole

    So the capital city known only 1/2 jokingly as “Londinistan” with 50% of its residents foreign born elected a man best known for defending those dedicated to its overthrow and replacement with a theocracy?

    I believe the Guardian call it “Progressive and inspirational”

    Does the English voting system give breakdowns of votes by ethnicity/sex/who they voted for, or are you supposed to pretend the Muslim “ethnic” didnt break 90% towards the Islamic candidate while most of the others did the usual 50/50 Lab/Tory split?

    Through the wonders of multiculturalism you may have imported the worst aspects of the “African” tribal voting system.

  • Through the wonders of multiculturalism you may have imported the worst aspects of the “African” tribal voting system.

    Nah, you’re over thinking this. The Londonistan meme is overwrought. Sadiq Khan is just a brown version of luminous white fuckwit Ken Livingstone, and the Tory Party lost because they ran a jackass on the green far left of the party in a city where most people want to pave over the green-belt to make housing cheaper.

  • thefrollickingmole

    Perry de Havilland (London)

    Ill bow to you as the man on the spot, but do you know if they do have any sort of record of voting “blocks”?
    The USA was supposed to have had 90% or so Black votes for Obama, which, while not huge numbers overall are decisive in a 50/50 race.

    Or to put it another way, if 90% of WASP people voted for the white candidate do you think the Guardianistas would be quite so sanguine about the outcome?.

  • Jacob

    We wonder who the “real” Khan is. Is he an extremist? Is he an Islamist? Is he a Jew-hater? Is he a moderate? Who is he?
    The answer is – there is probably no “real” Khan. There ain’t such a thing. He is a chameleon, he is whatever it takes to get elected and advance his personal career in any given moment. He is a politician, he has no “real” personality, no genuine, personal beliefs or principles, or, if he has, he is smart enough to keep them well hidden. At this moment he plays the moderate. Fine. It also seems he isn’t dumb. That’s more than can be said of his rival (Zac).

    In contrast – about Livingstone, or Galloway – you can say with confidence that they are REAL, genuine, Jew haters. They release anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish declarations regardless of their political campaigns, or even to the detriment of their political career.