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Just a reminder…

We will be off-line tomorrow whilst our server hamsters catch up on some unfinished business…


6 comments to Just a reminder…

  • Julie near Chicago

    Perry…are you entirely sure that is a suitable photograph for a Family Publication such as Samizdata?

    Oh tosh, no doubt merely my nasty suspicious mind. OTOH, they look to be enjoying themselves. :>))

    I just don’t want you leaving yourself open to charges of Hamstern Pr*n if PETA and the NSA should subpoena your computer….

    Oh well, whatever. I hope you and all the hamster-valets (and of course the hamsters) have a most satisfactory start to the New Year. 🙂

  • J.M. Heinrichs

    “Varlet”- a knavish person; rascal; an attendant or servant; a page who serves a knight.


  • I write here from events (and practical experience) of some 58 to 60 years ago: (i) the gestation period for hamsters is 17 days (later learning adds that sexual maturity is some 4 to 5 weeks from birth); (ii) it takes only 2 to breed (with 50% probability on escapes of two of random sex); (iii) accordingly, if escapees get into the wainscotting of an old house, you are likely to be totally stuffed: with hamsters after a pretty short period.

    Take care to hunt them down ASAP.

    Best regards

  • David Crawford

    Hungover hamster sex. Let’s see how many people end up here after doing a Google search for “hungover hamster sex”.

  • I once saw a gerbil mount a hamster and attempt to bugger it. The gerbil was female and the hamster was male.

    I shouldn’t have said that. What happened in the School of Maths ought to stay there.