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The UN report is not “well-meaning”

The UN report is not “well-meaning.” It’s an effort to use the hysteria of privileged Western women to slip through global censorship in service of autocrats and oligarchs at home and abroad. The people pushing it are not good people who are going too far. They’re awful, horrible people exploiting useful idiots.

Glenn Reynolds

15 comments to The UN report is not “well-meaning”

  • Thailover

    What UN report? What global censorship? (As if global censorship would be a good thing?)

  • Satoshi Nakamoto's Cat is not Maru!

    What UN report?

    Follow the links 😉

  • Cristina

    Could somebody, please explain to me why those women who think they are harassed online do not avoid the social media altogether? Why Zoe Quinn “sat for two weeks in a chat room silently recording them plotting how they would [drive her to kill herself]” Does she not have anything else to do?
    Useless idiots!

  • Thailover

    Well it just goes to show, to some degree, that the UN wishes to give credence to leftist political agendas. Feminists are notorious for not giving a public shit about the abuse of women when that abuse is normalized in culture outside the US. The reason is obvious to me. It’s because feminism has nothing to do with the welfare of women and everything to do with feigning victimhood in the quest for more and more political power in the “west”, i.e. in the US, UK, and anywhere else where people care about the opinions of the shrill set. ‘Where need is measured by how much personal offense one can publically appear to muster. You know….just as long as you’re not an older white male with an OK income. Then no one cares if you’re offended. You’re one of those damned ableists. LOL

  • mojo

    The only proper answer to such feminista lunacy is “piss off, dears”.

    As for the Dictators and Tyrants Boys Club we laughingly call the UN…

  • Paul Marks

    Mr Reynolds is correct.

    So are the comments.

  • Laird

    The UN is never “well-meaning”, whatever it does.

  • Julie near Chicago

    But Laird! Don’t the vast majority of the Member Nations mean well for themselves?

  • Andrew Duffin

    @mojo: Indeed. But the people in charge won’t be saying “piss off…”, they’ll be thinking “beneficial crisis…”

  • Rich Rostrom

    Speaking as a resident of a housing co-op (and therefore both a landlord and tenant), I see the relation between landlord and tenant as being badly entangled and not simply resolvable by assertions of “property rights”. That’s why it is hedged round with legal protections for both sides.

    In other areas of economic activity, intangible goods are recognized. The continuity of an arrangement has value, and it’s lopsided for either party to disrupt it abruptly.

    The situation can also be asymmetrical. Being compelled to change one’s residence is usually a substantial hardship, much more than losing a tenant is to a landlord.

    What is remarkable here is that the municipality seems to think it is appropriate to inflict this hardship on a local citizen of good standing for the benefit of strangers. It is “telescopic philanthropist” without the telescope.

  • Laird

    Rich, I assume you had intended this comment for the “In Germany,…” thread, but since it’s here I’ll respond here, too.

    I don’t disagree with your description of the landlord-tenant relationship, or with the fact that the law* provides certain protections to tenants; that’s why I prefaced my earlier comment with the disclaimer “[a]ssuming that the lease terms were observed,…”. However, once those legal requirements have been duly followed, what remains simply resolves down to “property rights”. I stand by my comments.

    * I should note here that I only know US law, not German law, which might indeed vest broader rights in tenants than I am familiar with.

  • Julie near Chicago

    Rich: Good point, with one or two niggles. Last para: Absolutely. And especially when in point of fact people here are building real houses out of containers, specifically by choice.

    Um, did you perhaps mean this comment to go to the next discussion, “In Germany, they are only obeying orders…”?

  • Nicholas (Andy.royd) Gray

    Are you still allowed to say ‘n*ggle’? Unless you are one? Everyone knows that the ‘n*ggle’ word really means ‘n*gger’! You’re a racist! Call the thought police, right now!