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In a pig’s eye

Yeah, funny and all, but it is depressing that so many people find an allegation quoted second hand from a single un-named source to be proof positive so long as the accused is someone they dislike. The claim that there is photographic evidence sets the seal on my disbelief. If this photo exists what is stopping this little piggy going to market? Why didn’t he squeal before now? Is the possessor of this photograph waiting for someone richer than Ashcroft to offer him more money or some time better than today for it to get some media attention?

I haven’t got the photo, alas. What a pig’s ear I made of my opportunities there. Like David Cameron, I managed to trot along to Oxford in the early 80’s and yet knew nothing of the Bullingdon Club, the Piers Gaveston Society or whatever. I first heard of the former when Cameron became prime minister and of the latter yesterday. My friends wore anoraks and were into science fiction. Or even science, the weirdos.

The consequences of politically motivated credulity regarding allegations that look increasingly likely to have been porky-pies are sometimes more serious than a lot of bad puns.

Met overstepped mark in Westminster paedophile ring inquiry, says prosecutor

The most senior prosecutor in England and Wales has added her voice to criticism of the Metropolitan police’s inquiry into claims of a murderous Westminster paedophile ring, saying detectives “overstepped the mark” when they stated that the allegations were true.

Alison Saunders, the director of public prosecutions and head of the Crown Prosecution Service, acknowledged the difficulties of investigating historical allegations but said: “You don’t just take somebody’s word as it is.”

On Monday Scotland Yard acknowledged that a senior detective’s description of an alleged victim’s claims as “credible and true” had “suggested we were pre-empting the outcome of the investigation”.

Pre-empting the verdict of a trial? You don’t say! Why did it take you this long to notice, Ms Saunders?

For those who don’t follow the Dolphin Square soap opera, the claims described by police as “credible and true” came from one source, nicknamed Nick, who claimed that three children were murdered by a VIP sex ring.

Operation Midland has drawn criticism since police forces leapt on unsubstantiated abuse claims against Edward Heath, and the former MP Harvey Proctor condemned as preposterous the allegations of torture and abuse put to him by officers.

Note that Heath was alleged to have been abusing and possibly offing kiddies while a serving prime minister, when his every moment was monitored by bodyguards (most of whom would have been police officers themselves), officials, flunkies and journalists. All in on it, I suppose. I think that Heath was one of the worst PMs we have ever had, but who believes this crap?

The deputy leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, that’s who!

Midland is one of a number of inquiries that began after Labour’s deputy leader, Tom Watson, said in the House of Commons in 2012 that there had been “a powerful paedophile network linked to parliament and No 10”.

18 comments to In a pig’s eye

  • I think this whole oinker is just hilarious 😀 But yes, I agree completely.

  • Tom Watson may profess belief in the whole Dolphin Square bollocks, but he doesn’t actually believe a word of it.

    Just a means of sticking it to those who are his enemies.

  • Mr Ed

    In Stalin’s Soviet Union, someone was charged with, and convicted of, murdering himself, despite being alive at his trial. The Left sometimes get bored with making their allegations remotely plausible, which requires the sometimes dangerous, and generally suspect, exercise of initiative.

    Such times are getting closer in the UK, now the most westerly part of East Germany.

  • Stuck-Record

    I’m sure Tom Watson will be making a statement in the house, to The Guardian, and to all his usual pals in the MSM apologising for repeating for all these allegations that were, to anyone who has read them, so patently absurd as to be instantly dismissable as the ravings of a lunatic.

    Those who believed them do not have medical excuse.

  • MicroBalrog

    As a libertarian, I don’t really have a problem with this story – I’d like to remind everyone that Mr. Cameron broke no laws.

    On the other hand it amuses me that a person who – as PM – is responsible for blockning porn sites and enforcement of anti-prostitution laws – himself has allegedly done some pretty weird things.

    I assume generally that everyone around me has done something weird or rowdy or perverse at some point in their lives. XD

  • Laird

    Mr Ed, is that really true? I’d love to have more details if you can provide any.

  • Johnnydub

    Alison Saunders is al so the fucknugget that came out with this piece of moronic shit:

    “Women who can’t remember night before should speak to rape counsellor, says DPP”


  • mojo

    That’s the sort of crap you get with real ratbags in oppo.

  • Nicholas (Rule Yourselves!) Gray

    We are rapidly approaching the age of being ruled by saints- because they’ll be the only people who will pass the relentless media scrutiny of the lives of politicians! Maybe, in infants’ school, I looked up the skirts of girls in class, maybe I didn’t, but, in these days of cameras everywhere, everyone will know for sure in the future! And use such information against us! If their aren’t enough saints to go around (for saint, read eunuch), who will fill our political offices? If Cameron did what is alleged, he is lucky that more photos aren’t available! If he didn’t, how can he disprove a non-event?

  • Mr Ed

    Laird, iirc it was mentioned in a book by Nikolai Tolstoy, a British relative of the writer. It was part of an example of ludicrous charges such as plotting the blowing-up a brodge woth arsenic, designing a building in a half-swastika for reasons of Nazi ideology etc. It may have been sourced from Conquest.

  • Julie near Chicago


    It’s not a rape counsellor that the women “who can’t remember the night before” need.


  • Niall Kilmartin

    Laird, you will find full details of the guy ‘who murdered himself’ in Robert Conquest’s, “The Great Terror”, along with several other bleakly humorous stories mixed in with the horror. One in which horror and comedy are well mixed is the story of the newbie NKVD interrogator (in Karkov province IIRC) who made his latest suspect confess to all the usual purge crimes including plotting armed rebellion against the peoples’ state, but in a moment of over-eagerness also let him confess to having a secret arms cache for this purpose. The next day, the interrogator, not quite so cocky this time, asked where the arms cache was. It was not found in any of the various places the accused was ‘persuaded’ to suggest and eventually, in desperation, he said he had passed it on to a co-conspirator (he’d already been forced to denounce some of his acquaintances). That guy, after much ‘persuasion’, agreed that he had been given the arms cache. More quickly than the first guy, he answered the inevitable “Where is it now?” question by saying he’d passed it on to a third confederate. After a while, the crowded jail cell contained ten people who had officially been playing pass-the-parcel with this arms cache. The earlier nine then persuaded (no quotes this time) the tenth to think of someone he knew who had recently died. Number ten could only think of the wildly unlikely candidate of his old geography teacher, but the others assured him the NKVD were just sick of the case and would accept any closure. So he ‘confessed’ to the weary interrogator that he’d given the arms cache to his old geography teacher – 93 years old and senile, and now deceased. The interrogator was so relieved he gave the tenth guy a good meal and some tobacco.

  • Surellin

    The real question is, vis a vis Bill Clinton, did the pig inhale?

  • The real question is

    Define ‘is’?

  • JohnK

    Whether it’s true or not, I think most people would agree that Call Me Dave is the sort of louche toff who might well have stuck his old man in a pig at an Oxford initiation ritual for a decadent dining club. Just as you can easily see Jeremy Corbyn signing arrest warrants for enemies of the people who need to be liquidated.

  • Laird

    Thanks, Niall. I will definitely look it up.

  • steve

    Not a clue what you are talking about. I guess the news hasn’t reached this side of the pond.

  • Thailover

    I’ve never seen a “powerful paedophile network”…you know, other than the Roman Catholic Church.