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Gaza will be “not be liveable by 2020”

predicts the UN. Terrible thing, all this climate change.

19 comments to Gaza will be “not be liveable by 2020”

  • Greytop

    The number of failed predictions of climate disasters grows far faster than sea levels, apparently. But if there is one thing we might take from this it is that the UN — desperate to have relevance in the world — may well do their level best to make sure any disaster in Gaza comes to pass. It won’t be anything achieved by Mother Nature, but more by the hand of carefully appointed committees run by dictatorial regimes and propped up by weak-minded western nations.

  • Rob

    And it’s “liveable” now? Are they anticipating another five years with Hamas in charge?

  • Johnathan Pearce

    I hadn’t planned on taking a vacation there anyway.

  • Mr Ed

    There are lots of things Gaza could do to be more liveable.

    1. Uphold/introduce the rule of law, property and contracts.
    2. Prohibit eminent domain.
    3. Allow entrepreneurs to open up beach resorts to promote tourism (I knew someone whose sister lived in the Gulf and they used to go to Gaza in summer for a holiday to escape the heat of the Gulf, but that was before Hamas set up shop.)
    4. Maintain a low-tax, low regulatory environment for business.
    5. Revoke the no-tax competition agreement with Israel that the PA had entered into (if not done already).
    6. Market itself as a speciality exotic resort free from British drunken stag and hen parties.
    7. Invite potholers to visit their exciting tunnel complexes.
    8. Stop firing rockets at Israel.

    All of this could lead it to becoming a niche ‘Islamo-fascist’ holiday spot of choice, and the resultant income might help the people who live there to build the infrastructure needed to cope with whatever problems may arise.

    But then again, it might not suit the locals’ preferences, or at least the noisy ones.

  • mike

    It’s a wonder he’s still alive now, given his alcoholism.

  • konshtok

    what I liked most was the prediction that the population will grow from 1.6m to 2.1m in 5 years

    according to this http://www.indexmundi.com/gaza_strip/demographics_profile.html
    (I have no idea how reliable it is)
    there are about 450k women of child bearing age(15-55) in the strip and the growth rate is 2.9% per year
    maybe the UN is(are?) expecting 50k people to immigrate to gaza every year for the next 5 years?

  • Kevin B

    Mr Ed, given some sort of divine intervention that prompts the Gaza polititions to do all that you recommend, one can guarantee that, within a few years, one of the many islamic factions that infest the area would send a team to machine-gun the tourists on the beach and blow up the hotels, thus bringing all growth to a juddering halt.

    Then everyone, including the Guardianistas and the Beebists, would blame it on the joos.

  • NickM

    Mr Ed,
    I agree with some of your points (all of them in an ideal world). The idea of Gaza as a kinda second Monaco has enormous merits but nobody wants to go to the fucking arse-end of Bedlam. Whilst Islamists are in charge no fucker is going to go there. But not the Islamofascist Brighton idea. Something like Lebanon in the ’70s (before the war) would be great but do you really see it happening. The populace is so pignorant (6+ kids per woman on average – a good indicator) and so enslaved to living in shit and blaming everyone like the World’s largest pykie encampment for their penury which feeds into being so enamored with the idea of wiping out the evil Jews to get their place in Heaven. For they live in a Hell at least partly of their own making. Could be a nice place.

    To quote Golda Meier, there will only be peace when the Arabs start loving their kids more than they hate ours. Quite. Gaza needs kick jihadis and such out (or kill ’em – I don’t care) and build a modern state and make peace rather than pieces. Then I shall have a beach holiday there. Until then fuck ’em. They are very much the authors of their own self victimhood. I mean fuck me! If us Brits were firing rockets at France…

  • Paul Marks

    Prime Minister Sharon (who the left love-to-hate) used to dream of Gaza being a free market – and an example of how Muslims can live as businessmen and so on.

    That is why he allowed it to have a border with Egypt (a lot of weapons were smuggled in because of that decision) – in the hopes of international trade and so on.

    But it was not to be.

    The PLO were bad enough – but Hamas are vastly worse.

    As for Egypt.

    The President of Egypt has offered the people of Gaza a new home.

    Bigger than they now have – and with all the “infrastructure” they want.

    The offer was rejected with contempt.

    The factions of Gaza (not just Hamas) love their war with Israel.

    No offer of land and infrastructure will lead to them giving up their war.

    Gaza is what they want all of the land between the Jordan river and the sea to look like.

    Indeed it is more than that.

    Hamas and other Islamist movements do not just seek some special land.

    To them the whole world rightfully belongs to Islam. And it is their religious duty to make this a reality.

    By any means necessary.

  • Thailover

    Paul Marks, quite right. The issue has never been about property as a fundamental hatred of Jews is in the koran. (Allah declared them pigs and dogs). Any and all “muslims” (translation, slaves to Allah) will always have animosity towards the Jews, no matter where they are. They don’t want the Jews to leave, they want the Jews destroyed. “A two state solution” is nothing more than political porn for politicians. It’s been rejected on principle by the arabs over and over again. Pretending its still an opition is mere political machination.

  • Nicholas (Rule Yourselves!) Gray

    The way to disconbobulate a Mohammedan (thus making it clear that Mohammed made the whole thing up) is to ask- Who decides the outcome of battles?
    The Quran answers this for them- Allah decides who will win battles, especially between Mohammedans and anyone else. (See the Battle of Badr).
    So a successful war is proof that Allah is on the side of the winners?
    If they answer ‘yes’, then ask them why good ‘muslims’ don’t submit to Allah’s will and accept that Allah MUST want the state of Israel to exist, since Israel has won all its’ battles, and survives to this day? Are they waiting for God to get it right? to finally remember them?
    If they won’t submit to what is clearly God’s will, how do they expect to persuade us?

  • Julie near Chicago

    What Paul said. What Thailover said.

    And Nicholas, that’s a very good point. I don’t see how it can be countered.

  • Thailover

    Nicholas, brilliant point. The same can be said for the christian bible. (Romans 13:1-4, one should blindly follow government because the powers that be are in power because it’s god’s will). Fortunately, America tends to win it’s battles…so far. (I’m conveniently having Viet Name amnesia).

    Discombobulate is the operative word. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him think.

    BTW I have asked a Muslim once why Allah apparently wants his people to live in relatively primitive surroundings, with all he hardship that would entail, and his answer was that modernity is a trick of Shataan, to distract people away from worshiping Allah. I should have guessed. Any “advanced” being that demands such adulation as worship has a serious character flaw. And I extend that to any and all ‘gods’.

  • Thailover

    Paul Marks wrote:

    “Indeed it is more than that. Hamas and other Islamist movements do not just seek some special land. To them the whole world rightfully belongs to Islam. And it is their religious duty to make this a reality.
    By any means necessary.”

    Indeed. World domination initiated by some Imam (as to which one depends on the flavor of Islam) is their eschatology…which they take stone-cold seriously. The same can be said for Christianity, but Christians are waiting for Jesus to come back and take over the world to separate the sheep from the goats. With Islam, they presume to take over the planet BEFORE Islamic Jesus (Isa) is to show up to fight the Dajjal, what Christians would call the anti-christ. Isa is supposed to show up, help the Mahdi (the Imam in question) finalize his domination of the planet, fight the Dajjal and then die, leaving an Islamic paradise of world tyranny because apparently Allah would like nothing better. Politically, they’re indistinguishable from the Nazis of WWII.

  • Gareth


    That would no more discombobulate a muslim than failures of socialism trouble socialists.

    The response would probably be along the lines of ‘The war is not over until the ‘right’ side wins and a hard won victory is more worthy than a walk-over’.

  • Paul Marks

    The comments are correct.

  • TDK

    > Nicholas

    Gareth is correct. The standard Islamist response to why the Islamic world is backward compared to the rest (and implicitly why it loses it’s wars) is that it has left the true path of Islam. They think they’ve tried modernism and it failed so the answer must lie in a return to true Islam. Ergo Islamists look to their co-religionists and blame them. “We are not worthy”.

  • Paul Marks

    Yes TDK – and this is why (for example)ISIS is so cruel and depraved.

    It is a statement of “we are the true League of Evil Chaos Mutants – not our rivals the Al Nusra Front or any of the others”.

    These people (both Sunni and Shia) have a much better knowledge of Islam, and its Founder Mohammed, than Mr Blair or Mr Bush had or have.

    Someone educated in the past (say Gladstone or Winston Churchill) would have had no problem understanding all this – but modern Western leaders, educated in such doctrines as “Islamic Tolerance” and “The Religion of Peace” are baffled by it all.

    So baffled that they open the gates to the followers of Mohammed – and are then astonished (so astonished that they will not even admit to the events) at what is happening in Sweden and so on.

  • Julie near Chicago

    Paul, surely you’re not suggesting that people should waste time studying irrelevancies like the Dead Past?

    Anyway, you don’t have to know what it is. You only have to know where to look it up.

    This principle of practical reason was true in 1968 (or whenever) and it is still true — I saw it reiterated somewhere just yesterday.

    You don’t have to know what is happening in Sweden (or St. Paul). All you have to do is look it up. (I’m not sure just what you should look up, however. I would try “Islamic messes,” but I’m not sure that would meet the case.)