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It’s almost as if the NSPCC wants there to be an epidemic of child abuse. Which, in a way, it does. Not because it’s peopled by sadists, but because, as a semi-state-backed organisation established to protect children, its very raison d’être demands that it has some threat to protect children from. It has a vested interested in establishing child abuse as a clear and present danger; it is institutionally determined to ramp up fears of child abuse.

Tim Black

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  • Barry Sheridan

    If the cannot establish genuine cases they lie.

  • Mr Ed

    They should be an armed charity, then we could call them the Waffen-NSPCC.

  • Johnnydub

    Except of course when it concerns our resident cultural enrichers, at which point they become the three monkeys.

  • Thailover

    Whether it’s state-backed or not, “savior” orgs notoriously create fake stats, and even stats that make NO SENSE whatsoever. “40% of X abuse goes unreported”, that sort of shit. They come out with ridiculous shit and most people don’t even blink an eye. “NGO’s” (Non-government organizations) will INVENT false data. Motives probably span from hiring zealots, to creating justification for your own professional existence. For example, NGO’s are all over Thailand’s tourist areas and they “look for” child prostitution, child and female “trafficking”, etc. The truth is virtually ALL the “virgin lays” in Thailand are sold are to Chinese businessmen in “china town” (many of who live in Thailand) because to the Chinese, having sex with a virgin once a year makes one “lucky” and improves ones chi. Other than that, Thailand stopped sex between tourists and natives less than 18 DECADES ago, in order to not gain international political (business) pressure. (I’ve seen 3 “exposes” on NBC talking about child “trafficking” in Thailand. It’s the same show rehashed and they show the same film footage of K11 in Cambodia that also hasn’t existed for decades, pretending that it’s shot in Thailand. That’s flat out LYING fraud).
    Now, you might ask me, why do I say that NGO’s are notorious for lying and how do I know? I know because, not only do they often have stupid nonsense claims like the 40% comment above, but also each will publish numbers on certain claims that are orders of magnitude different than other NGOs. Add to that that they their claims fail the common sense test.

    The quasi-legal sex industry in Thailand offers ignorant semi-literate (6th grade education) north eastern tribe girls the opportunity to earn as much as a seasoned Thai airline pilot per annum. Girls work in bars voluntarily, and are capricious and spoiled. When they tire of working at this bar, they suddenly don’t show up without notice and are discovered working two bars down. They come and go at will, and they don’t have to go with any particular “customer” if they don’t want to. (They just say they’re on the rag). Or in the case of Arabs, will often “bar fine” themselves out for the night and leave. (A bar fine is basically a bar-tax you pay for the luxury of taking the young lady out for the night, away from her bar responsibilities). Where you would find “trafficking” is where the sex industry is forced underground, where people would go to prison if caught. Any tales of chained children or women sold to European tourists in nations where the sex industry is not only above ground, but celebrated worldwide, is almost certainly a lie. Could there be child prostitution rings in Thailand? Sure, but I bet there’s MUCH more in America. Because in Thailand one can take EASILY take home a 24yr old that looks 15 or younger, and one can’t walk down the street in the tourist areas without being literally accosted by dozens of prostitutes, and if you’ll excuse the topic, a “nice evening” costs an American the price of a nice restaurant dinner. Tales of Viet girls tied up and brought to Thailand through Cambodia simple doesn’t pass the laugh test…unless you’re an ignorant of the real facts and NGO’s motivation to invent lies.

    I should add that I’ve been traveling to Thailand and enjoying all it’s amenities for 20yrs. I’ve even lived there, and in all my time there, enjoying 3 lifetimes worth of partying, I’ve never seen one obviously underage girl in a Thai bar, or massage parlor or anywhere offing sexual favors. That’s simply too much risk for any bricks and mortar place of business.

  • Nicholas (Self-Sovereignty) Gray

    Oh, sure! Next you’ll be saying that pyromaniacs join Fire Departments, that drug-busting cops are addicted to catching drug criminals, and that politicians keep on waging wars so as to concentrate power into their own hands!

  • Roue le Jour

    All organisations with defined objectives are subject to the perverse incentive that, if they succeed, they are out of a job.

    That’s why the smart ones, the race and sex groups, are not aiming for an achievable target like equality, but are instead pushing to improve the rights of their client group versus the rest, something which can be done for ever.

  • CaptDMO

    There’s a “childrens” book called Animal Farm….
    There’s a play called The Crucible….
    There’s a political “science” theory called Bootleggers and Baptists…
    There’s a People Of Color, Less Asians (POCLA) “studies” excuse called micro (hyphen) aggressions….
    “Recent Childhood behavioral studies have shown…”
    “Forensic chil psychologists have discovered, using “recovered memories”…”
    DAMN all those double edged swords!

  • I made a similar remark the other day over at Tim Worstall’s place regarding the infamous “massacre at Jenin”. The Israel-bashers were visibly disappointed when the truth finally emerged that Israeli soldiers hadn’t butchered dozens of civilians.

  • 18 years and counting

    Similar exaggerations recently from the National Crime Agency


  • The linked article is unsatisfying, it lacks meat. For example, “persistently enlarging the range of behaviours that constitute abuse” sounds plausible, but where is the detail?

  • …and I’ve just figured out that Thailover is not pronounced Thayle Over.

  • There is a theory in fashions in clothing that they have something like a 25-30 year cycle – i.e roughly what we think of as a generation. Of course things don’t come back exactly the same but…

    Now how long ago is it since Orkneys and Middlesborough? 1991 and 1987nrespectively. Hmm…

  • Mr Ed

    …and I’ve just figured out that Thailover is not pronounced Thayle Over.

    It is in my reading of it. I don’t think that I can change it now.

  • another_anon

    There was disappointment in some quarters following the revelation that Jackie hadn’t been gang raped on a layer of broken glass…

  • Snorri Godhi

    I used to share an office in an English university with a guy whose political views were entirely dominated by his moral vanity. I am still proud of when i managed to score a point — that is, to make him look like he was wondering about his assumptions — by telling him: if Labour represents the interests of the poor, then it’s in their interest that a large number of people are poor!

  • Snorri: trouble is, once you start you can’t stop. When I told my manager that it was in management’s interest that all staff were stupid and that if they employed more people like me he’d be made redundant it didn’t earn me any Brownie points…

  • Johnnydub

    “if Labour represents the interests of the poor, then it’s in their interest that a large number of people are poor!”

    Not just that – they say they want living stndards raised for the poor, but then import millions of unskilled workers at the bottom of the pile and depress wages.

    But of course it’s the damn 1%’ers. No point pointing out that people on benefits in the UK are in the world’s 1%.

  • Mr Ed

    The Education Secretary appears to think that there is a connection between homophobia and extremism.

    What is she missing out of her analysis?

    It seems that the purpose of state education is to know what you are thinking, not to teach you anythink.