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The Snooper’s Charter returns

As expected, the ghastly Snooper’s Charter is back and this time Dismal Dave will probably find it easier to push through.


To protect the children of course.

9 comments to The Snooper’s Charter returns

  • Mark

    In unrelated news the Digital Policy Alliance is planning on introducing mandatory age verification for porn sites. Yep, completely unrelated. I don’t even know why I just mentioned it

  • Paul Marks

    I fear you are correct Perry.

  • PeterT

    Theresa May is one of the least sympathetic people in politics. And as frequently noted competition to get into this group is stiff.

  • Nicholas (Self-Sovereignty) Gray

    Only people who didn’t vote Conservative need fear this! And any such people would deserve all that is about to fall on them! Please take note, any kind, nice, caring policeman or spy who is reading this site now, or in the future. We all love the current government, right, writers?

  • Guy Herbert

    I wouldn’t say necessarily “back”, since much of what was in the Communications Data Bill has already been brought in, masquerading as “emergency” preservation of existing powers whose factitious legal basis in EU regulation was ruled invalid by the European Court of Justice.

    What May is now promoting we just don;t know yet. Likely it is a different set of demands from the security interest, including some of what they’ve already asked for, and a wholesale modification of the nominal oversight mechanisms, which have proved far too transparent of late.

    Frankly things are now so bad that this is one of the less repulsive items in the Queen’s Speech. HMG appears to have lost patience with ideas of rule of law, of private property, of freedom of speech, freedom of movement, and freedom of association, where they get in the way of its phylanstery for “hard-working families”.

  • NickM

    Look up RIPA. Now that is supposed to be about tackling kiddie-porn but it is so vaguely worded it is to all intents and purposes an enabling act. Be afraid.


    Be very afraid when you add in these new powers.

    And if you think they’re just coming for the “perverts” then I have a bag of magic beans I wanna sell…

  • Mr Ecks

    Cheer up Gents. The Fish-Faced Hag and her gang haven’t won yet. Indeed it is likely that these measures (and many others like them all around the planet) reveal the weakness of the state’s hand. They know that the shit is going to hit the economic fan at some point and they are trying to bring in police-state measures to keep themselves in power.

    Also this shower are likely to have no end of trouble with both the Lords and with their own dear friends the EU. Who don’t think much of Cammy’s tight-arsed anti-porn nonsense. And may think equally little of his Legal Highs crusade.

  • jsallison

    So V for Vendetta was future history? Cue Benny Hill Music…

  • jsallison

    I’mna thinking Guy Fawkes was a visionary, and not just for Old Blighty.