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How can the Tories have won? We did so many tweets and photoshops. I just don’t get it. #GE2015

– Favourite-blogger-of-mine 6k spots a particularly choice tweet, by David Schneider.

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  • I found this sentiment (about Farage) strange.

    On an unexpectedly good night for the Conservative party, it looks like the end for Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband and (possibly even, at the time of writing) Nigel Farage. – 6k

    Could you explain it?

  • Paul Marks

    I do not understand the question MSimon.

    Mr Farage did not win the seat he was going for – and his party have ended up with one (one) seats in the House of Commons.

    Of course Mr Farage should go – just as Mr Clegg and Mr Miliband should go.

    On the other hand Mr Cameron – who won the election, should not go.

    I write that not because I like Mr Cameron (I do not) – I write it because it is the truth.

    Mr Cameron succeeded in his task, Mr Clegg, Mr Farage and Mr Miliband failed.

    This is not complicated.

  • Paul Marks

    As for why we won in policy terms.

    People do not want higher taxes and more government spending.

  • Hello MSimon.
    Not sure what needs explaining. I meant nothing more than that the Tories had enjoyed unexpected electoral success and had apparently succeeded in dislodging three opposition leaders. The uncertainty over Nigel was because Thanet South had yet to declare when I wrote the post.
    Does this answer your question?

  • Cal

    I presume Schneider is being tongue-in-cheek?

  • 6000
    May 8, 2015 at 11:31 am

    Yes that explains it. I had assumed you were taking delight in Nigel’s defeat. The ‘net strips off emotion and “emoticons” are not near up to the task even when used.

  • BTW we have the same problem in the States. Libertarian sentiment is diffuse. Statist sentiment is concentrated (in the two parties). What is being done (consciously or otherwise) is to coalesce the anti-statists around the question of Prohibition.

    Funny enough on that question the left is against the State. I encourage that. I leave this around anti-Prohibitionist sites (mainly on the left) to good effect:

    Every tax, every regulation comes with it an army of bureaucrats and behind that an army (with guns) of enforcers.

    Once they are against enforcers it becomes difficult to support the State.

  • Mr Ed

    Listening to Mr Cameron in victory, if he is telling the truth about his intentions, he seems determined to give his socialist enemies in other parties what they want and to do nothing at all to undermine the forces of collectivism. He is as ‘un-Leninist’ as any RINO.

  • Regional

    The UKIP won 13% of the vote but only one seat.

  • Rich Rostrom

    MSimon @ May 8, 2015 10:58 am:

    I found this sentiment (about Farage) strange.

    On an unexpectedly good night for the Conservative party, it looks like the end for Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband and (possibly even, at the time of writing) Nigel Farage.

    Farage stood in Thanet, considered the most favorable opportunity for a UKIP gain. He pledged that if he didn’t win Thanet, he would resign as party leader.

    When constituency numbers are out, it will be interesting to see how many seats Labour may have held/gained where there was a Conservative/UKIP majority.

    The other thing I want to see is what the vote swing in Scotland was from Labour to SNP. SNP gained Labour seats that had 60% majorities in 2010!

  • Paul Marks

    The Shetland Islands did not vote for the SNP.

    Remember that is where the oil is.

    Mr Ed.

    The international financial crises (after the Greek default) will force a fundamentally different policy upon this nation – a policy of REALLY cutting government spending (no more absurd “overseas aid”, and White Elephant projects such as “HS2”, and so on).

    If Mr David Cameron does not like this – he will have to lump it.