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“The last thing we need is to wake up in 50 years and find that a bunch of #gamergate nobheads are running Mars.”

That is exactly what is going to happen, because us gamergate nobheads (actually the technical term is neckbeards) are smarter and more creative than you, whereas you intolerant SJW thugs create nothing but faux outrage, grievance and a sense of undeserved entitlement to things created by better people than you.

– Guardian commenter ‘evilhippo’, who often gets his pithy remarks deleted on the Guardian. Dunno know he is but clearly a wise and witty seeker of truth, no doubt a devilishly handsome fellow to boot 😉

12 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • roystgnr

    Hundreds of comments at the Guardian, a dozen here, and not a single shirtstorm reference? Do the UK gun control laws also prohibit shooting fish in a barrel?

  • Mr Ed

    I actually looked at the original article author’s Twitter feed. https://mobile.twitter.com/mjrobbins

    The late Michael Wharton’s Peter Simple column was a prediction, not satire.

  • Phil B

    @Roystgnr – yes, unless your firearms certificate was specifically endorsed for that activity, shooting fish in a barrel is prohibited.

    Most likely the firearms certificate would be endorsed “For use on approved ranges only” or, if you had gained permission to shoot on a farm “The XXXX firearm may be used on YYYY land with permission from the landowner” (where YYYY is the named farm or land).

  • Paul Marks

    “evilhippo” is a wise being.

  • Mars ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids.
    In fact, it’s cold as hell.

  • Mike Solent

    A lot depends on the location of the barrel and the type of firearm. If the barrel is on farmland or similar and you are shooting with the approval of the landowner than any shotgun owner could shoot fish in a barrel. A rifle owner would have to have permission to shoot on land other than approved ranges, and could then shoot on land with the permission of the owner, taking care of course that there was a suitable backstop to prevent hazard to the public, eg a hill. Long barrelled pistols or muzzle loading pistols may be used against fish in barrels on approved ranges only providing range regulations permit. A normal cartridge loading pistol held as a humane killer ( One acquaintance hung onto his k38 this way and another has recently acquired a Glock 17 with a 2 shot limited magazine…) may shoot fish in a barrel on any suitable location.
    I would suggest Stickledown Butt Zero at Bisley might be the best venue for competitive or practice shooting as it has a very forgiving set of range regulations. If there is any demand I will put together a course of fire and submit it to the NRA range office for approval……..

  • One thing I once told people on a Mars Society discussion around 2000 still remains true today: What happens on Mars is best decided by the people who actually go there and have to live with the consequences of what’s decided rather then by those who stay back on Earth talking about such things. Seems obvious to me but the number of the more ardent leftists on that list who didn’t like the sound of that was really quite amazing. >_>

  • I see what you did there Ted, you Rocketman you! 😀

  • Thailover

    ‘Could be a bloke by the name of Bruce Wayne. Have you ever noticed how you never seen Wayne and Batman in the same place?

  • Dale Amon

    Actually I know a lot of the Mars Society people, including Bob Zubrin and I am certain they would agree with you. ESPECIALLY Dr. Zubrin.

  • Richard Thomas

    I think this is a good point actually. Send all the SJWs and leftists to Mars first. When they get there and find that there isn’t anyone else to do the actual work, they’ll all be dead within the week, leaving the field clear for those with skills and aptitude.

    It seems a little serendipitous that Douglas Adams is mentioned on the front page…

  • Schrodinger's Dog

    Richard Thomas,

    You’ve come up with an excellent variant on the Golgafricham “B” Ark. Let’s do it! 🙂