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BBC is at it again…

I saw a BBC article about JK Rowling getting abused by SNP Brownshirts on Twitter… and frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn. She is a champagne lefty who wrote some nice books with a libertarian message, even if she was not aware of that. She can cry Evian tears all the way to the bank. Whatever. Ok… in truth I do kinda like her.

But the line that caught my eye was this:

The SNP took 56 of the 59 seats in Scotland in Thursday’s election and is now the third largest party in the UK.

Bzzzz. Wrong, or at the very least misleading. It is the third largest party in Parliament, not the the third largest party in the UK, having 56 MPs for their 1.5 million votes. UKIP, not the SNP, is the third largest party in the UK, having 1 MP for their 3.9 million votes.

15 comments to BBC is at it again…

  • Paul Marks

    The Unionist vote in Scotland is split four ways (Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem and UKIP) the Nationalist vote is all concentrated in one party.

    That produces an extremely perverse result.

    It would be like having four Unionist parties in Ulster standing against each other (the UUP and the DUP have a deal not to do that in key seats) and, on the other side, the SDLP and the IRA (or “Sinn Fein” as it calls itself) joining forces (in the real Ulster they are foes).

    Also Scotland has far too many seats anyway.

    Still I am glad I am still allowed to comment here.

    Another blog has just confirmed they have banned me – fair enough (private property and all that – I ban people myself).

    But it would have nice to have been told straight “you are banned because you oppose our Red Flag and Black Flag friends” (odd for a “libertarian” blog to have such friends) rather than a lot of evasion and double talk.

  • Although I appreciate the difficulties that the unionist Scots are suffering from under the tyranny of Wee Jimmy Krankie and her Army of demented Porridge Wogs, she has done herself no favours.

    The 1-million pound donation to the “No” campaign would have worked just as well if it had been made anonymously.

    But no, that isn’t the way Champagne Socialists like JK Rowling work is it? What’s the point of a 1-million pound donation if you can’t get your piccy in the paper and have some media attention for your latest book.

  • Philip Scott Thomas

    Joh Galt –

    Wee Jimmy Krankie and her Army of demented Porridge Wogs

    You appear to be crossing blog streams. The Ghostbusters would avoid against that.

  • Not really Philip – the SNP are such a vile bunch of fascists that military grade satire should and indeed MUST be used against them.

    Personally I am in favour of the Krankies “Fan Dabi Dozi” played at full volume whenever she shows her fat face in public.


  • Alsadius

    I’d argue that they’re right, actually. The size of a party is its membership, not its voters. UKIP has about 44,000 members, the SNP has over 100,000.

  • No Alsadius and I will tell you why that is not what they meant… one word:

    The SNP took 56 of the 59 seats in Scotland in Thursday’s election and is now the third largest party in the UK

  • CaptDMO

    From the US.
    “champagne lefty”, is that comparable to the US terms “limousine Liberal”, and/or “Pampered Progressive”,
    usually involving lots of someone else in the family’s income?

  • Alsadius

    Perry: Fair point.

    Also, as a Canadian, I know the pain of trying to compare regional parties to national ones. It’s not the sort of thing that the usual shoddy standards of journalism are often up to doing well.

  • Regional

    Apparently Pommylandstan is to hold a referendum on the E.U.
    What’s the question? Vaseline or KY.
    Before bing offended, I refer to Astraya as Boganstan.
    Remember Astrayans hate everyone, including themselves.

  • Regional

    Paul Marks,
    Don’t be surprised if Britain becomes a Commonwealth including Eire.
    England could regain Normandy, Brittany and Corfu. There’ll be some strange shit go down in the future.

  • guy herbert

    John Galt, you are neglecting the small fact that anonymous donations to political parties and referendum campaigns are now illegal in the UK. Who gives them money and how much must be published. If I stuff an envelope with cash and put it through the door of my local X Party office they are supposed to hand it over to the state, in the form of the Electoral Commission. Politics in the UK is nationalised and surveilled.

  • Regional

    The BBC should rebadge itself as Tampax in that they support cunts during difficult periods.

  • Mr Ed

    The BBC posts after a ‘neutral’ announcement from Kent Police.

    Fraud probe in Nigel Farage-contested Thanet South seat

    Do they know something we don’t?

    Or is it too good a chance to miss slyly to link Mr Farage with fraud?

  • Laird

    Mr Ed, that article you linked contained the following last line: “Mr Farage announced his resignation after failing to become an MP but this was rejected by his party and he continues to be UKIP leader.” This is the first I’ve heard that Farage remains the UKIP leader; all I’d previously heard was that he had resigned. Frankly, I consider this good news, as I find him very entertaining (in contrast to Miliband, who is an utter bore and whose departure is to be celebrated).

  • Mr Ed

    Laird, yes, you are right. He resigned, but the National Executive Committee of the Party (a direct crib from Labour in name) unanimously refused to accept his resignation. This is in fact a common error of law, as resignation is a unilateral act, barring specific agreement to the contrary. Having looked the what I understand to be the UKIP constitution, I would suggest that the verbal resignation of Mr Farage would suffice to perfect his resignation, the requirement for the resignation to be in writing is simply the trigger for the time limit for the Party Chairman to summon the NEC.

    7.5 A leadership election shall be called:

    a) in the event of the Party Leader’s death, incapacity or resignation; or
    b) on the passing of a vote of no confidence in the Party Leader by the NEC if this is endorsed by an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Party; or
    c) upon the Party Leader’s completion of his term of office.

    Such election shall be held within 90 days of the completion of the Leader’s term of office.

    7.6 The NEC may from time to time as it deems appropriate make rules for the calling and conduct of elections for the post of Party Leader.

    7.7 A Party Leader shall communicate his decision to resign in writing to the Party Chairman, who must then summon an emergency meeting of the NEC within 28 days.

    As Lenin put it, ‘We are swimming in a sea of illegality’.

    However, Mr Farage seems keen on taking the taxpayer pork called Short Money £650,000 for the one MP, whereas Mr Carswell wants to take less money from the trough. There lies the fault line in the party.