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When the going gets tough, the tough brush up on their rifle skills

9 comments to When the going gets tough, the tough brush up on their rifle skills

  • Barry Sheridan

    Fancy being allowed to defend oneself. Wouldn’happen here, British politicians don’t believe in self defence.

  • That was pretty much my feeling too Barry.

  • CaptDMO

    DANG! And I was ready to bet a fair sum that Moldova would be next!

  • John Galt III

    The US is pretty much an oddity when it comes to guns. You would think that every Israeli Jew should be allowed to conceal carry, but they can not. The Swiss have a military rifle at home I believe, but the rest of the West is pretty unarmed. Everyone I know here in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming has a concealed carry permit. It is why having been born in NYC I would never go back. Only the criminals have guns there and if they want to draw a gun they know there is no opposition. Lousy feeling to have.

  • Malcolm Coghill

    Here in the UK we have many police and community police folks to keep the peace, and maybe keep out evil invaders.
    So we have no need of guns as our beneficent rulers protect us.
    Oh, we have some sort of Army too, but not many of them and they are all off fighting ebola in Africa

  • Fancy being allowed to defend oneself. Wouldn’t happen here, British politicians don’t believe in self defence.

    Quite wrong there – the British MP’s certainly believe in defending themselves, mainly from the masses of the great unwashed. Have you seen the number of uniformed and armed police around Westminster and Whitehall.

    The British were disarmed by their own government because that government feared an armed uprising by the people more than the consequences of denying people the right to defend themselves.

    As the saying goes – “When every second counts, the police are only minutes away”.

  • Nicholas (Natural Genius) Gray

    How many Galts are there? Can’t you choose, or make up, your own names?

  • Barry Sheridan

    John, I understand your point, but these armed police only provide a measure of deterrence in limited areas, around the government buildings and some airports. The rest of us are either denied or limited in our capacity to defend ourselves. While this is not quite as insane a stance as it has been, there have been instances where people have defended themselves in their homes for example and escaped State sanction, nevertheless in general the powers that be here are hostile to the concept of self defence.

  • staghounds

    Even political candidates!!!!!!!