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Just because this is magnificent

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

If you do not know who she is, you should because she is quite remarkable.

16 comments to Just because this is magnificent

  • the other rob

    I don’t know the lady, but she appears to be doing a sterling job in her chosen field. Additionally, she seems to function as an excellent canary in the coal mine – where one finds vitriol directed against her, one will also find other unpleasant types of rot.

  • Wife of Niall Ferguson, anti-Muslim atheist and perpetual traveller with more passports than Jason Bourne.

    What’s not to like?

  • thefrollickingmole

    Shes a brave lady, I dips me lid to her.

  • Chip

    In another world she would be a feminist icon. Instead we have Lena Dunham.

  • Runcie Balspune

    They give out awards for “atheists in foxholes”, she’s an atheist on a hill in a lightning storm holding a big steel rod and shouting “all gods are bastards”.

  • Paul Marks

    What the lady says in this quotation is correct.

    Brave and correct.

  • JohnK

    In another world she would be a feminist icon. Instead we have Lena Dunham.

    That sums up the decline of the west quite pithily.

  • CaptDMO

    Is reciting “truths” that have been ensconced since the origins of the written word (and before I suspect) considered plagerism, instruction, or merely presentation of “credentials” of um…common sense?
    Remember, according to the children’s story, it was a child that was “Brave” enough to proclaim the obvious..”The King isn’t wearing ANY clothes!”
    I don’t recall exactly what “the crowd” actually did to “the Tailor”, OR “promoters” of the “finery” meme, after that.

  • How is that ‘on the other hand’?

  • Johnnydub


    Are you saying that being muslim in the US should make you impervious to the kind of random violence that affects everyone else?

  • Runcie Balspune

    CaptDMO: according to the tailorists advocacy group CAPE, the tailors were wholly innocent of the affair and only turned to naked aggression when approached by the Kings Fashion Police.

  • Johnnydub
    March 9, 2015 at 12:39 pm

    Some of it is random. Some of it is not. It is the “not random” that is a concern.

    Of course we have more than a few “not random” episodes from our Islamic “friends”.

  • Runcie Balspune

    Perry, the real OTOH here is they whilst Ali is busy opposing the actual violence directed toward women and the genuine reasons behind it, the article is showing that America is just obsessed with who is the next imaginary victim group (join the queue).

  • Bod

    I don’t want to take this too far from the OP, but I felt compelled to comment on the reporting of the al Jumaili incident, which appears, despite Max Fisher’s claim that the murder is claiming little attention.

    One has to view anything that originates at Max Fisher of Vox’s keyboard with at least a little skepticism (as one might view ANYTHING that originates from Vox).

    Max has ‘form’ when it comes to commenting on the topic of Muslims and America (and alleged islamophobia), and most of his observations are not particularly insightful. The killing of an Iraqi immigrant to Texas might not be be ‘random’, but I think most prudent observers would like to see a pattern develop (one which the highly motivated American left would leap on in a New York minute if one existed) before you could infer that Texas is *necessarily* full of islamophobes who are prepared to take their concerns to ‘the next level’.

    Al Jumaili was shot and killed just 3 days ago – just before a weekend. The incident was reported on an internationally recognized news outlet, the article Fisher cites was updated yesterday, al Jumaili’s and the Dallas cop are not yet claiming a motive (although Fisher feels free to do so). It sounds to me as though the cops and the most interested party involved are the grownups, and Max is indulging in more than a little premeditated hysteria here, before the poor bastard’s blood has even reached room temperature.

    Friends don’t let friends cite Vox (or Fisher) in serious discussions. They peddle a particularly nasty strain of Social Justice, driving around in a clown car of pretentious solipsism. Max’s article is more about Max than it is about justice or islamophobia.

    Al Jumaili (and the three students killed in North Carolina) *may* be the victims of a hate crime – they may even plausibly be the victims of a sectarian killing – but does anyone believe that escalating the news reporting to something of the magnitude of “Ferguson” would achieve anything *good*? I’m not happy to live in a police state, but let’s give the bastards a chance to do what they’re paid to do – bang on doors (without shooting the dog) and interview people first.

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali is absolute kryptonite to daesh and their enablers. The real tragedy is that in a world of 1.3 billion former co-religionists, she stands almost alone.

  • Laird

    I second what Bod said. And I would add that, notwithstanding Fisher’s claim, there is no “growing trend of violence against Muslims in the United States.” The truth is that while there may have been a handful of incidents such as the one cited (and the 3 murders in North Carolina), “hate crimes” perpetrated by Islamists in the US far outnumber them. Moreover, those are not widely reported. We go out of our way to pretend that there is no Muslim violence against non-Muslims here. That is the real story, not some isolated attack.

    And as to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, what Runcie Balspune said at 7:55 AM.