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Blog research

There is a gentleman from the University of Valencia developing a doctoral thesis, which focuses on the effects reading political blogs may have on the adoption of a more participative political position.

If you would like to complete a questionnaire to lend a hand, please click here.

3 comments to Blog research

  • Laird

    I’m not sure how much validity there can be to a survey in which participation is entirely self-selected. Still, I completed the questionnaire (some of the questions seemed unnecessarily repetitious) and wish him well.

  • guy

    Well, you saw the link on a political(no?) blog you were reading and you participated. Seems like a valid data point.

    Maybe I misunderstood what “a more participative political position” means.

  • Juan

    Thank you all for your participation.

    Laird, validity will be fine as far as I am not looking for further generalization but just for cause-effect relationships. I do agree with you that some of the items may sound repetitious, but each assessment show a different nuance of a same concept. I do appreciate you raised this point, though.

    Guy, ‘a more participative political position’ may imply a number of actions which are displayed by one of the scales. I am sure there might be even more options, but I think the scope with these ones is enough to define it.

    I encourage those who did not complete the survey yet to participate. The larger the sample, the better the results of my thesis.

    Kind regards,