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The speech Obama meant to give in Paris but didn’t as he wasn’t there

Absolute crackerjack from Timothy Sandefur:

But the conscience of the free west, too, is much in need of reaffirmation. Many of us have come to take for granted the freedom of expression that our forefathers fought so bravely to secure. It is important for us to engage in free speech now, to remind ourselves of what these rights mean.

These rights are not just for us. They are human rights: all people, everywhere, are entitled to freedom, toleration, and peace. And our free societies respect the freedom to write, and speak, and publish as the right of all—from west and east, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, atheist. You are welcome to join us: to write and publish your own criticisms of our society, or even your own offensive cartoons ridiculing things we hold dear. But whether you join us or not, we will not be silenced.

We will not be silenced, or made to fear, and we will not be persuaded to accept the idea that silence in the face of injustice is just, or that appeasement of those who threaten us is safe, or that pretending we are not afraid, by saying we are just being culturally sensitive, is honorable. The right to offend, to chastise, to ridicule and condemn: to these, we will hold fast, knowing as our ancestors knew a century and a half ago, that all freedom, and all that makes life a joy instead of a burden, depends upon it just as slavery depends upon silence and terror.

On that, we will not equivocate. We will not excuse. We will not retreat a single inch. And we will speak.

Some people in the US and beyond might have imagined that the young, appealing chap who was a senator and who ran for office in 2008 was the sort of person capable of giving the kind of speech that Sandefur has written here. We now know very different. What brief remarks he now makes on that subject are, as far as I can see, far too late and too little.


15 comments to The speech Obama meant to give in Paris but didn’t as he wasn’t there

  • bob sykes

    Obama is a Muslim, and a jihadist at that. And, like his father, he is a communist. And don’t forget his strong personal ties to Iran. Even the pseudoChristian churches he sometimes attends have a strong Nation of Islam connection a la Jeremiah Wright.

    Fundamental transformation is the imposition of a totalitarian, socialist, Muslim state. He didn’t send any representatives to Paris (or to the Washington march) because he funadamentally supports the terrorists.

    Obama has also surrounded himself with other cryptoMuslisms like Brennan. The key signal of his intent was the return of the stature of Churchill to UK.

  • Obama is a Muslim, and a jihadist at that.

    Except he clearly isn’t. He is more than vile enough that there is no need to make stuff up about him.

  • Regional

    The Hollow Wun is just a Shallow Opportunist with a massive ego.

  • Ljh

    From a Muslim point of view, we are all Muslims in that it is regarded as our preordained natural state to which one reverts when pronouncing the shahada in front of witnesses.
    Obama is a Muslim in that all children born to a Muslim father are objectively muslim according to Muslim law, apostasy bringing death. Obama was furthermore adopted by his mother’s second husband, also Muslim, and attended religious instruction in Islam, so is obviously aware of this view which he has never explicitly rejected.
    He has worn, in place of a wedding ring, a band engraved with the first line of the shahada, since the nineties. Any Muslim seeing it would immediately read it as a signal of his religious allegiance.
    While he does not practice prayer, haj or the avoidance of haram food or animals, a Muslim would interpret this as taqqiya, or deliberate deceit of the infidel to further the cause of Islam in which anything normally forbidden, is permitted.
    Short of mindreading, no one has evidence to say that he has Islamic convictions but it certainly plays well with that constituency to imply that subtly; all his actions in Iran, not supporting the Green Revolution; in Egypt supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and his inability to use Islamic as an adjective for extremism, have furthered their cause at the secular world’s expense.
    There is the further question of who paid for his very expensive elite education with some evidence it was channelled from Saudi sponsors via Valerie Jarett’s father. She remains his closest aide and gatekeeper.

  • Mr Ed

    The key signal of his intent was the return of the stature of Churchill to UK.

    Isn’t that just what a liberal would do?


    Any foreign policy decision you can think of, any domestic decision you can think of, any speech that he made, every move you make, every breath you take… sing along now.

  • Paul Marks

    Indeed Mr Obama is not a Muslim – in fact his mother was concerned that his Indonesian adoptive father might be pro capitalist (and, HORROR OF HORRORS, not hate the United States) – so she packed little Barack (or Barry – or whatever his name is) back to the United States for a reliable death-to-America education and the personal guidance of Frank Marshall Davis.

    As for the fictional speech – well it is better than “Dreams From My Father”. Whether or not Mr Obama actually wrote this book it is a standard piece of Marxist agitprop, on Indonesia and everything else, so no American voter can honestly say “nobody warned us” – Barack Obama warned you himself dear voters, it is not his fault if you are as thick as pig shit.

    As for the fictional speech……

    I see Muslims are welcome to join Western societies – as long as they accept that Mohammed may be insulted.

    Which believing Muslims may not do – although they may say they are prepared to accept the insulting of Mohammed (pretend to accept what they do not accept – in order to deceive the infidel).

  • George Atkisson

    Yesterday the White House press secretary declared that Journalists should submit to the jihadis and never publish anything that might offend them, for their own safety and to prevent terrorist attacks.

    Christians, Tea Partiers, Gun Owners and all other evil, right wing bitter clingers are not covered by this rule and may be freely attacked by the MSM, IRS, DHS, etc. without provocation or consequence.

    So Let It Be Written, So Let It Be Done – POTUS

  • Laird

    An excellent speech. Of course, Obama would never utter such words, nor is he remotely capable of such eloquence (someone else must write it for him).

    Ljh is right. Obama is not an overtly practicing Muslim, but he is most certainly a Muslim apologist and supporter. What else can you say (or think) of someone who says “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer”? Personally, I’d prefer to listen to Klingon opera.

  • Rob

    Obama missed a great opportunity to go to Paris and repeat his speech about the future not belonging to those who ‘slander’ Islam.

  • lucklucky

    Obama would never meant to make that speech.

    “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” Obama 2012

  • Laird

    That is the speech Obama would never give, and this is the speech that Islam will never hear.

  • Very retired

    The reputed leader of the current regime is a front man, nothing more. His handlers told him to stay home, so he did. They wrote some wussy, meaningless speech for him about a conference to address “extremism”, so he read that for the cameras.

    When are you going to finally understand that there is nothing there.

    An empty suit is just that—empty.

  • Phil B

    Much as I dislike “The Shining One” I have to say that a possible reason NOT to go was the very tempting target of just about every Western leader assembled in one compact group. Plus if a terrorist bomb or incident did manage to kill the leader of the Great Satan just think of the prestige that would accompany THAT incident.

    If I was part of his security team, I’d be shouting “Are you mad?” at any suggestion of going.

    Which isn’t to say that he couldn’t have sent a “disposable” such as a white member of the Diplomatic Corps or similar …

  • Mr Ed

    Mr Obama has one bodyguard, Joe Biden. Remove Mr Obama and no one would wish that succession on the Great Stan.

  • Julie near Chicago

    That was lovely, Laird. Thank you. *g*

    –Laird, January 13, 2015 at 8:27 pm