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Samizdata quote of the day

Dear Electoral Commission,

Thanks, but we’re not registering with you and we’re not going to pay any attention to your rules.

Yours in freedom,

Paul Staines
Editor Guido Fawkes’ Blog

Guido makes his position clear.

15 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • PersonFromPorlock

    Nice sentiment, “…but war is interested in you.”

  • Regional

    Either way Brits, you’re gunna get butt fucked.

  • Bravo Guido, but did they seriously expect any other response?

  • Paul Marks

    Paul Staines has done the right thing – once one “registers” one accepts that political speech is a matter for state control.

  • Mr Ed

    Take a look at Section 26 of the 2014 Act for the truly Kafkaesque nature of behaviour that is now regulated, and the catch-all wording. Note that you need to look at at Act from 2000 which has been amended by the 2014 Act to see what you can and cannot do, but note this taster:

    (c) for the words after that paragraph substitute—
    “(c) a course of conduct may constitute the doing of one of those things even though it does not involve any express mention being made of the name of any party or candidate.”
    After subsection (4) insert—
    “(4A) In determining whether expenditure can reasonably be regarded as intended to promote or procure electoral success as mentioned in subsection (2)(b), it is immaterial that it can reasonably be regarded as intended to achieve any other purpose as well.”

  • Slartibartfarst

    Sound great! Probably about as effective as a bloke pissing into the wind though.

  • Rob

    It is typically British that the organs of State control and censorship should have anodyne names, eg “The Electoral Commission”.

    Though at least labour were honest when they created the Ministry of Justice.

  • I’m sorry to see order-order has gone to Disqus comments.

    And while I say that, let me also use it as an opportunity to thank Perry for not mucking up Samizdata with all the “social” networking stuff which generally seems anti-social in its memory-hogging.

  • It is typically British that the organs of State control and censorship should have anodyne names, eg “The Electoral Commission”.

    At least it’s not a Newspeak-style name like Ofcom. I’m convinced that this, or only capitalizing the first letter of an acronym agency like Defra is quite deliberate and an attempt to obscure the meaning behind the name of the organization.

  • Patrick Crozier

    Indeed. Bravo, Guido.

  • If I were still blogging and received a similar letter, there would have been a touch more invective in my response. So I applaud Mr. Staines’s restraint in replying to these statist cocksuckers.

  • Or, if one were going to go the non-Kim route, one might say something along the lines of: “Your request probably sounded better in the original German.”

  • jamess

    It’s a shame Guido didn’t include their email and address on the original post (it can be found at the bottom of the pdf he attached. Having a good proportion of his readership spam the censors would have been a good and appropriate response

  • jamess

    Sorry – just read my comment and it sounds quite nasty. I’m glad he did what he did, just wish others would do so as well. And on standing up to bullies… Anyone notice how few of the “Je suis Charlie” cartoons fail to do what that magazine did? A cartoon saying a pencil is powerful is totally different from powerfully using a pencil.

  • thefrollickingmole

    Dear Electoral Commission,
    I am writing to inform you its possible you may have recently experienced a hacking from the North Korean Government. I recently received an email pretending to be from you which was so over the top and silly it gave itself away. Fortunately for you i have consigned it to my spam bin, but you may wish to look at upgrading your anti-virus to prevent similar outbreaks of Stalineque missives claiming to be from your organisation. After all, you wouldnt want to be mistaken for some sort of fascist/Orwellian organisation stamping down on peoples freedom of speech now would you?

    With ALL due respect.