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Goodbye Rose and Crown

A change of ownership at the Rose and Crown in Southwark means that Simon Gibbs (whose contribution as the Libertarian Home events organiser to the London libertarian scene featured prominently in the posting I did here at the very end of last year about all the 2014 speakers at my Last Friday of the Month meetings (Simon was my speaker in July)) is having to shift his ongoing programme of Libertarian Home meetings out of the Rose and Crown, and to go looking for a new regular venue. Tomorrow evening’s Libertarian Home meeting will be taking place in the Crown Tavern, Clerkenwell Green.

Simon says:

Immediately however I need a couple of things. I need you to spread the word about the new venue tomorrow, …

I hope this helps.

… and again as needed. I also need you to tell me what sort of venue you want. Does it need to be a pub? Is food important? What did you think of the beer at the Rose and Crown? Is the day of the week important? Do you value a speaker every month or are the socials as valuable?

My immediate reaction to the above is that this new venue is a bit of a walk from a tube station, more than was the old venue. Food does help. I don’t drink beer.

Perhaps rather more significantly, I quickly found, when I started organising my Last Friday meetings around 1990, that a speaker does help, if only by by ensuring that we didn’t just have the same damn conversation month after month. I personally like being formally addressed, and then getting to hear the responses of others (perhaps including myself) to what was said, one person at a time, rather than us all just standing around shouting in a pub. Socials are not speaker meetings, but speaker meetings can and should also be socials.

As it happens, there will be a speaker at this Clerkenwell Libertarian Home get-together tomorrow evening. Martin Keegan will be speaking about “The Evolution of Private Cooperation”, which I’m looking forward to hearing, and makes me more eager to attend. (Someone please comment to this effect, if this is not the Martin Keegan who will be speaking, or for that matter if I have it right.)

As for the first Thursday of the month thing (and as also for my Last Friday of the Month thing), well, what I have learned is that there is something to be said against this sort of arrangement, as well as in favour of it. For many, a particular, regular day of the week can be a real problem, because they regularly do something else that day of the week, or they regularly commune with their families over the weekend (weekends which often start on Friday rather than on Saturday morning). By calling his meetings 6/20 meetings, and by holding his meetings on the 6th and 20th of each month, the noted London Libertarian Christian Michel ensures that his meetings do not keep on occurring on the same day of the week. This means that people for whom weekends, or Mondays, or whatever, are permanently occupied, can still attend some of his meetings. Nobody of the sort who would really like to be showing up from time to time is permanently excluded. Maybe Simon might want to consider making a change of that sort. I’m not saying he definitely should make such a change, mind you, because keeping the regular First Thursday of the Month formula even as the venue is being tinkered with makes a lot of sense also. I’m just, as they say, saying.

9 comments to Goodbye Rose and Crown

  • Paul Marks

    I wish Libertarian Home every success.

    I enjoyed my two talks, and question and answer sessions, with them.

  • Gene

    That first sentence is a doozy.

  • You have the correct Martin Keegan.

  • Alex

    Living out in the sticks (Gloucestershire) I often wonder what these meetings are like. I’ve been tempted to hop on a train and come to one, but alas I’ve never made it to one yet. However I am delighted to hear that they are continuing. I might make it to one some day!

  • Martin is a very interesting fellow, and I would recommend going along and listening. (I have another engagement, myself, and I am not going to be able to show up, unfortunately).

  • marvo

    I enjoyed the one talk I went to which was given by Paul Marks. But somehow I felt that the after discussion was less lively than I was accustomed to because everyone seemed to be agreeing.

  • @marvo: After the third beer they remember what they disagree about.

  • Paul Marks

    Alex – do not do what I did, and come on the wrong day.

    Also book your train tickets well in advance – do not just walk down to the train station as if it was a century ago (or bit more now – I am thinking of before the First World War) and tickets are cheap, and the rail service reliable.

    I know I do not plan ahead and so on – but (as we old people say) “do not do as I do – do as I say”.

  • I too would love to come to one of these things, and I too fear I will never make it to one.
    Has any thought ever been given to videotaping the talks and Q&A and posting them online?