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Suddenly ‘Homeland’ does not seem quite so fanciful!

When I read this story

A former French intelligence officer who defected to al Qaida was among the targets of the first wave of U.S. air strikes in Syria last month, according to people familiar with the defector’s movements and identity. Two European intelligence officials described the former French officer as the highest ranking defector ever to go over to the terrorist group and called his defection one of the most dangerous developments in the West’s long confrontation with al Qaida.

…I started to wonder who gets to play what role in the inevitable Hollywood ‘based on real events’ feature length movie (which will of course change everything and make it a CIA defector, because everyone knows France is a place deep fried potatoes come from, not secret agents).

10 comments to Suddenly ‘Homeland’ does not seem quite so fanciful!

  • Word has it that the plot of an upper class, Grand Ecole-educated Frenchman abandoning principles and prior vows and turning traitor simply because it was to his own do convenience was pitched to Hollywood, but the producers said “Where’s the story in that?”

    More seriously, does anyone know if the officer was of North African origin?

  • Three attempts to discuss the matter with French intelligence services were rebuffed. “There is no way I am going to discuss this matter” was one response.

    Yup, that response sounds familiar. I hear the same words when I point out gross inconsistencies between the actions of French managers and the procedures they are supposed to be following.

  • Paul Marks

    Whether it is the Communists or the Islamists it is not enough to be against something – you have to have a strong belief system. More and more Westerners are converting to Islam (it is not just brown people – this is not a RACIAL thing). And why should they not convert? What alternative system of belief (religious or secular) do they have?

  • Vinegar Joe

    Perry, You’re only half right. The movie version will feature a CIA defector with a Texas accent and a European neo-nazi terrorist group.

  • It is “brown” people, Paul, and it is an ethnocultural thing. Like Tim, I’d bet at least some money on this guy being of N. African descent.

  • PaulM

    I thought deep fried potato chips originated in Belgium, I might be wrong though 🙂

  • Ljh

    The Manchurian Candidate already has the White House.

  • Ockham's Spoon

    They ain’t called Belgian Fries over yonder, mate 😛

  • Crocodile Tears

    If you want to read some more murky shit google the name of the charity that Alan Henning worked for. “Decent guy turned into shark food” would be a more truthful headline than the bullshit I see on my tv.

  • Laird

    Money quote from the article Perry linked: “Perhaps some problems are best buried forever under a pile of rubble,” he said.

    So true.