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Long live Guido!

I have always been a fan of Guido Fawkes… he writes about party politics in the UK so we don’t have to! Not joking, I literally do not bother 98% of the time because we have Guido. Whatever I would have said, Guido already said it. Samizdata does not even have a ‘politics’ category for articles. In the sidebar, he effectively has his own link category 😀

And he has been fighting the good flight for ten years.

Well done Guido!

6 comments to Long live Guido!

  • Ockham's Spoon

    Guido is THE BLOKE! A diamond geezer!

  • Paul Marks


    Congratulations Guido.

  • ZilWerks

    Hell, I’m an American from California and I still find Guido’s posts informative, interesting, and often hilarious. Sometimes it is hard to decode certain “British-isms”, but I wish we had a Guido Fawkes over here in the States. What we have is a mostly lapdog press that caters to the powers-that-be (both parties) like the courtiers of King Charles I or the Politburo to Stalin.


  • Molly

    Guido is teh awesome. Staines once gave me The Eye at a rave many moons ago. It made me feel all dirty. God I love him 😀

  • Mark Green

    I was an avid and vocal fan of Staines in person and online until the Brooks Newmark incident. He seems to have lost his way – that was a disgusting little hatchet job.

    I spent many a happy hour reading his feed until he, for some unfathomable reason, made the brain-meltingly stupid decision to commission a scattergun fishing expedition story using one of his cub reporters and a fake female intern as hook. A story so sleazily gathered he didn’t even have the balls to run it himself, choosing instead to sell it that bastion of libertarian thought, the Daily Express.

    When Guido started creating his own news I stopped reading him.

  • JohnK


    Agreed, the Newmark story was bullshit.