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What has happened in the real Czech Republic and Poland goes against the grain. It is a rare case of small countries confronting a big bully – the biggest of them all, the European Union (EU)…

The Czech Republic didn’t just denounce renewables. Like Poland, it declared that it would double its reliance upon the most vulgar, explicit word in energy – coal…

In 2011, the former president of Czech Republic addressed an audience in Sydney, Australia, where he drew parallels between communism and the global warming doctrine. Those who declare Poland and the Czech Republic’s respective decisions to revert to coal as sacrilege should remember two important points: first, no economy wins any prizes for poverty; second, these countries happen to know a totalitarian movement when they see one.

Simon Lincoln

6 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • The Sanity Inspector

    If there’s no dissuading the Czechs from returning to mining their vast coal reserves, maybe the EU could pop for emission reduction equipment for the Czech refineries. Their coal is mostly brown coal, which is not “clean”.

  • Regional

    Fascist Europe just loves screwing the Czechs.

  • Manniac

    How do the Czechs know that the world is round?

    In 1945 the invaders were driven out to the west and in 1968 they came from the East. In 1989 they were driven to the East and in 2004 they came back from the West

  • Well done Manniac – Quote of the Day I think!