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“Damn you Mrs Clinton. You have just made me like a traffic warden.”

Thus laments commenter James Primavesi to this Times story (paywalled, but the title tells you all you need to know):

Do you know who she is? Hillary Clinton gets a ticket despite protests of her security detail.

19 comments to “Damn you Mrs Clinton. You have just made me like a traffic warden.”

  • Laird

    There is no reason for her not to have gotten the ticket. She is a private citizen, holding no office within the United States government (not that it should matter if she did, but it does). If it doesn’t get paid, the next time she’s in town her car should be impounded.

  • Mr Ed

    As Lord Denning (a noted English judge) said to a Labour Attorney-General ‘Be you ever so high, the law is above you.’

    And he wasn’t referring to Bill Clinton, who smoked, but did not inhale.

    And for the record, Bill drank, but he didn’t swallow (he left that to…).

  • Manniac

    Nihill combustibus profumo

  • Regional

    Hilary Clinton has unique qualities to qualify her to run for President 2016, you go for it girl and finish Obama’s goal of destroying America but once America is rid of the current Congress they can rebuild.

  • As with Bill

    Quod Licit Jovi Non Licit Bovi

  • Sam Duncan

    Mr Ed, that’s obviously because the Mail is a running-dog lackey of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy. Duh


  • PersonFromPorlock

    It’ll all come right, Ms. Clinton is protected by the Constitution’s Connected People Clause. The traffic warden will be given deference training, of course.

  • M. Thompson

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer person.

  • Lee Moore

    “As Lord Denning (a noted English judge) said to a Labour Attorney-General ‘Be you ever so high, the law is above you.’ ”

    It’s a fine ringing phrase and a noble sentiment.

    Slightly tarnished by the knowledge that Lord Denning never felt that the law was above him.

  • Nick (nice-guy) Gray

    Natalie, take some deep breaths,and calm down! This one act of a traffic warden should not off-set the probable years of routine traffic-warding done by this person. It is possible to dislike both Hillary AND anyone she fights with!

  • Mr Ed

    @ Lee you are spot-on about Denning, to rephrase the song ‘I am the Law and the Law won’.

    @ Sam, yes, it still runs on, now against the Zombie Rebirth of HilaryCare.

  • Paul Marks

    Remember why Hillary (Saul Alinsky and Francis Fox Piven) Clinton was in London in the first place.

    Hillary Clinton was here to get an award from the arch establishment Chatham House organisation – for her achievements as Secretary of State.

    What “achievements”? Hillary did not achieve anything. Yet Hillary Clinton is given (yet another) award – for NOTHING.

    The leftist establishment favour their own – to an absurd degree.

    I am reminded of the “Nobel Committee”.

    The people who handed an “Nobel Peace Prize” to Barack Obama – who had done nothing for world peace (he had just been elected).

    And handed another “Nobel Peace Prize” to the European Union (pretending it was the E.U., not NATO, that had kept the peace)

    Two lessons.

    The establishment have become a parody of themselves – handing out money and gongs to their mates without even trying to produce a case for doing so.

    But also….

    The division between the Communist left and the non-communist left has collapsed.

    I think that has been happening for some time now – since at least the fall of the Berlin Wall.

    For example, even the supposedly ultra moderate Bill Clinton invited (life long Marxist and America hater) Francis Fox Piven to Whitehouse events – and praised her policies.

    Indeed the Community Reinvestment Act (first past under Carter – who regarded it as “paranoid” to check the political backgrounds of those who gave him advice) was wildly extended under the Clintons via the direct advice of Francis Fox Piven.

    Please think about that.

    This was not some young Whitehouse staffer (secretly still under the influence of evil stuff he was taught in college) – this was the Communist herself invited in to give advice on policy.

    And, also after the Berlin Wall fell, the rules against Reds in leadership positions were quietly dripped by the AFL-CIO American union movement.

    The thinking being….

    The Soviet Union has fallen now – so Communists are O.K.??????

    The same thinking can be seen in such statements as “Ralph Miliband was a Marxist, but he was not a Communist” (I heard that from a senior person in the Conservative party).

    There seems to be an inability to understand that Marxists are Communists.

    It is not the piece of cardboard in someone’s pocket saying “Communist Party” that matters – it is the BELIEFS that matter.

  • The City of Westminster’s enforcement of parking infractions is legendary. Alas, I feel sorry even for Mrs Clinton.

  • Mr Ed

    I thought that Ms Rodham was getting an award for Benghazi.

  • RAB

    Bet she doesn’t pay it though.

  • John K

    At this stage, what difference does it make?

  • Eric

    Somehow my tax dollars will pay that ticket. I don’t know the mechanism, exactly, but it will happen.

  • korblimee

    As a former Westminster Traffic Warden i must say Well Done to that man!