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Three links, presented without comment

Thirty seconds of video of Barack Obama claiming on TV that there are no domestic surveillance programs.

Reuters exclusive reveals IRS was aware of and cooperated with the DEA’s use of falsified provenances to cover up the fact that they used NSA intercepts in criminal court cases.

Wikipedia on the propaganda tool known as “Große Lüge” or “the Big Lie”.

12 comments to Three links, presented without comment

  • RRS




  • Nick (nice-guy) Gray

    Gosh. Politicians tell lies. When will the revolution start?

  • Paul Marks

    Nick (nice-guy)Gray.

    Politicians formally lie a lot less than is supposed – normally, when a politician is dishonest (and even that practice is not as common as is supposed) it is a matter of not telling the full truth or giving a false impression.

    This was formal lying and on a epic (“phony scandals”) scale.

    As Judge N. pointed out on Fox News last night – the American government has had access to the CONTENT of millions of DOMESTIC e.mails and telephone calls in recent years – not just “Mr A telephoned (or sent an e.mail) to Mr B” – but what was said.

    If this is not a domestic spying campaign then nothing is.

    If the “mainstream” media let Comrade Barack get away with this, then the American “mainstream” media is truly Soviet.

    By the way Zell Miller (the owner of the Chicago Tribune, and LA Times and so on) was interviewed by Neil Cavuto yesterday.

    Z seemed to be shocked that inspite of him promising not to get involved in what was written in the his newspapers the staff tended to IGNORE him on business matters.

    “in spite”????

    Once you give away your right (as an owner) to decide the CONTENT of your media product, then OF COURSE the staff are going to have utter contempt for you.

    Your only power (as an owner) is to say “write what I want you to write – or I will fire you”, once you give that up, then you are an “owner” in name only.

    Mr J.B. (the new owner of the Washington Post) please note.

    How can billionaires be so innocent?

  • PeterT

    What would it actually take, in practical steps, to impeach Obama? It seems to me like there is plenty of stuff to base an impeachment on and given the number of enemies he has in congress it is surprising nobody has stepped up.

  • PersonFromPorlock

    The problem is, the Democratic members of Congress (and especially of the Senate, where an impeachment would be tried) represent their party and not their constituents. So there is no chance of their coming to a verdict that would weaken their party’s hold on power.

  • rfichoke

    In addition to what PersonFromPorlock said about the Democrats in the Senate, the Republicans don’t have the guts to impeach the First Black President. The race hustlers and media elite would go full court press on it. And given the power of the racial narrative they’ve carefully constructed over the last 50 years, it would probably work.

    The real problem here is the “long march through the institutions” was completely successful. The cultural Left owns education and media. They carefully sculpt the minds of people when they’re young, and bombard them with agitprop as adults. With these two levers of power, they effectively control everything else. We’re fighting a losing battle.

  • PersonFromPorlock

    …the Republicans don’t have the guts….

    Oh, well, that goes without saying!

  • Paul Marks

    rfichoke – there is just one flaw in the plan, objective reality.

    A society where most people are dependent upon the state for their basic needs will not work – period.

    I am not saying that it will end in a nice way (certainly not), but it will end.

    Their tactical advantages are negated by the basic fact that their objective is insane.

  • Tedd

    rfichoke – there is just one flaw in the plan, objective reality.

    Exactly. What pessimists discount too much is the relentlessness with which reality asserts itself. So long as you have reality on your side you must prevail, eventually. (Although it’s quite possible that it could take more than your lifetime.)

  • Julie near Chicago

    Slight correction — it’s Sam Zell, not Zell Miller, whose holding company owns the Chicago Trib and so forth. Zell Miller is the former Democratic Senator from Georgia who endorsed Pres. Bush in 2004 and nowadays rides an elephant.

  • Paul Marks

    My apologies Julie.