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How true…

From Paul Bernal

6 comments to How true…

  • Tom

    That graphic is so obscene the government should have filtered it!

  • RRS

    Could someone also “Venn” Obamacare.

  • I fear that the number of people who admire how the Chinese and Saudi Arabians deal with the internet is somewhat larger than that diagram would indicate, alas.

  • Julie near Chicago

    I do hope that our Leader will not be offended at my my most unladylike burst of laughter…. :>)))!!!

  • Richard Thomas

    Michael, yes, the diagram is just plain wrong. Though I realise it’s just trying to make a witty point.

  • Ernie G

    It’s not just the way the Chinese handle the internet. There are those among us who admire the way the Chinese can boldly and rapidly implement wide-ranging policies on, say, transportation or city planning or energy, without our pesky wrangling and inefficient debate. These are the heirs of the people who admired Mussolini back when it was fashionable to do so.