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The NSA fears it may suffer “irreversible harm”…

When I read this

US spy chief James Clapper has strongly defended government surveillance programmes after revelations of phone records being collected and internet servers being tapped. He said disclosure of a secret court document on phone record collection threatened “irreversible harm”.

… my first reaction was “Irreversible? I certainly hope so”.

5 comments to The NSA fears it may suffer “irreversible harm”…

  • Bruce Hoult

    That’s just a standard legal term, used all the time. I think it’s code for “we don’t want to wait for a trial, we want an injunction. Now.”

  • Laird

    That was my reaction, too.

  • A bit late for that now Bruce 😀

  • RRS

    The harm will become “irreversible” when “failed-up” Rice is added to the NSA bowl.

    Clapper is NOT wrong!

  • Tedd

    Perhaps we’re seeing a rare example of a collective choice between principle and pragmatism being played out before our eyes. Most of the time, when such an issue arises, the average person does not expect to benefit from principle being followed, but does fear the consequences of inadequate (perceived) security. So the choice is almost always to compromise principle for pragmatism (real or perceived). But this is a case where every American can reasonably assume that they are personally involved, which would seem to give a lot more weight to principle than is usually the case. In other words, support for principles (presumption of innocence, rule of law, protection of privacy) suddenly has a pragmatic component. It will be interesting to see how much that affects the outcome.