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Clear evidence that things are about to get much worse in the €uro zone…

If you doubted that the €uropocalyse was at hand…

French President Francois Hollande has declared an end to the eurozone debt crisis, which has gripped the region for the past four years.

… well everything is going to be okay after all then! Thank goodness for that!

5 comments to Clear evidence that things are about to get much worse in the €uro zone…

  • Paul Marks

    The late Milton Friedman was baffled by the daft actions of the French socialists after their victory in 1981 (stealing companies, incresaing government spending, imposing nerw regulations….) after all he had heard the French mainstream left had got “less bad” in recent years.

    There was no paradox – the French left had indeed got less bad, but “less bad” (in the context of the French left) meant “no longer Marxists who want to murder many millions of human beings”, indeed had the French left not got “less bad” (in this sense) they would not have won the elections of 1981 – they were still statists who wanted (as statists do) to expand the state (indeed in French leftist thought – going all the way back to the Rousseau and the Abbe de Mabley there is no distinction between state and civil society, EVERYTHING is political). So when they won the elections of 1981 the French left (not the Communist Party, which Friedman would have expected to do daft things, but the mainstream Socialist Party) did all sorts of silly things (even though the leader of the Socialst Party, President M., was not a Marxist and was planning to undermine his “friends” the Communists).

    “But Paul you are showing your age – surely things have moved on France since 1981” – well the have in many ways, for example there are vastly more Muslims than there were in 1981 (which makes President H.s Gay Marriage obsession particularly stupid – unless this was a cunning plan to end religious hateds by giveing French Muslims, Christians and Orthodox Jews something they could unite about…) and, like most governments, the French Welfare State is much closer to bankruptcy that it was in 1981 (it is even possible that if the French health, education and welfare situation hadf been left as De Gaulle structured in the 1960s, before the “reforms” first of “moderate conservatives” in the 1970s and then of the Socialists – Franch might have avoided bankruptcy totally), but ideologically……

    Ideologically the French left has not moved in 30 years.

    President H. may be less insane than the “intellectuals” who revolted in 1968 (people who had NOTHING, repeat NOTHING, to legitimately complain about – and wanted to create Hell on Earth under the mask of creating Heaven on Earth) – but he is still a man whose basic beliefs are shit (no apology for the hard word). A man who is unfit for any position of responsbility what-so-ever and is doing, and will continue to do, great harm.

    What do reasonable people want?

    I contend that reasonable people want is as follows…..

    Full employment – at good wages.

    Good medical care – at affordable prices.

    And good education in the schools for their children.

    France had all of the above in 1968 – and the French left (like the German Frankfurt School left) HATED it.

    Remember that about the French left.

    They are not reasonable people.

    They are the enemies of reasonable people.

  • I am amazed that the Eurozone crisis has gone so quiet especially as it seems that the amount of money printing they’ve been engaged in is rather small. It can’t last of course.

    Paul, what were the 1968-ists complaining about? (Out of interest).

  • Nick (nice-guy) Gray

    I’m not sure it matters what they were protesting about. The French glorification of the Bastille, etc., means that French students would believe that violent revolt is the best way to change anything. If you have a grievance- revolt!

  • Paul Marks

    Patrick – the official reason was old fashioned practices at the universities (although no one was forced to go to the university). However, as Saul Alinsky was fond of saying “the issue is never the issue” – in reality any “grievance” is just an excuse to revolt in order to create a collectivist Heaven on Earth (read Hell on Earth).

    Nick (nice-guy) Gray – yes. And (as you most likely know) there were no masses of political prisoners in the Bastille – there were about half a dozen people there (including de Sade) none there for political reasons.

    As for the “storming” – the Governor of the Bastille was promised safe conduct if he surrendered the prison (the real target was the store of weapons in the Bastille) – he was then savegely murdered.

    Think about that – the whole bed-rock of the French left (and international left) is based upon a lie(indeed a series of lies).

    And the main lefists know it is a lie – indeed they celebrate their treachery and murder every year (on July 14th). They get a pig and the publically kill the pig before a crowd of happy leftists in one of the main squares of Paris (the pig represents the man they lied to, and then murdered and mutilated).

    The modern left, including the “libertarian” left, support the French Revolution – and also claim kinship with the “68ers” (the international collectivists who hit the world especially hard in that year – in many countries).

    I agree – they are like them.

    That is why I oppose the “libertarian” left so bitterly. They ruin (subvert) any private association they are allowed into.

    If one gets a pint of water and a pint of urnine and mixes them, what does one have?

    One has two pints of urine.

    By the way – before the screams of “tool of the Koch brothers” start.

    I have never met Charles or David Koch – and they certainly have never paid me.

    But YES – I agree with them.

    I am an enemy of the collectivist doctrine of “Social Justice” and will oppose the supporters of this doctrine.

    To the death.

    But I will certainly not promise them safe confduct and then murder them.

    Nor would my kind then celebrate treachery and murder – for centuries.