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We want none of that messy individualism around here

“The North Korean government has issued haircut guidance for its citizens and chosen 28 hairstyles it deems “appropriate” for members of the single-party state. According to the WantChina Times, photos of the 28 haircuts recommended by the totalitarian regime (pictured below) have been issued to salons around the country. The cuts were chosen for being comfortable and resistant to Western influences.”

Via The Register.



12 comments to We want none of that messy individualism around here

  • I am sure that having a haircut that is resistant to Western influences will be very helpful when the war starts.

  • PeterT

    One country where libertarianism might literally be considered a fringe movement

  • AndrewWS

    It’s that dreaded word “appropriate” again …

  • Jim

    Hey, men only get 10 styles, while women get 18. I’m sure the equality brigade will be along soon to denounce such blatant sexism.

  • RAB

    Time for the Jedwards to do their patriotic duty. If we dropped them into Norkland, they’d probably take Pyongyang single handed as the population would die of shock 😉

  • How do you say “tooth level surveillance” in Korean?

  • Tedd

    It’s that dreaded word “appropriate” again …

    Isn’t an amazing word? It’s hard to think of a word with a worse specificity-to-rhetorical-impact ratio. Speaking of which, is there a word for that ratio? If there isn’t, there should be.

  • Paul Marks

    Being bald I am O.K.

    Of course they would still execute me (if I was lucky) for lots of other things – but, on the hair thing, I am fine.

  • Ernie G

    I notice that Kim’s “white sidewalls” haircut (as we used to call it in the Army) is not among the ten approved styles for men. I can imagine the reaction if someone sported one on the street in Pyongyang, or visited a factory “looking at things.” “What are you, some kind of wise guy? Off to camp with you! Ten years in Yodok will improve your attitude, if you live.”

  • Gene

    To me, the fact that the government is giving “haircut advice” (not to mention the fact that we all know those “recommendations” will have real, sharp, blood-drawing teeth), really does tell me everything I need to know about that country. Why it does not seem to so inform those who are always looking for some way to soften western attitudes about NoKo, is a mystery to me and a real indictment of those always looking for enlightenment under even the largest, most immoveable boulders.

  • Richard Thomas

    At first I was amused and then I imagined myself living under such a regime and I felt nauseated.