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Thinking about children, their safety and liberty

Over at the CATO Institute, there is an excellent discussion of a topic that often divides libertarians as much as it does anyone else: children, their safety, and liberty. It looks interesting.

2 comments to Thinking about children, their safety and liberty

  • bloke in spain

    “It is not an overreach to call the police if you see a child alone in a locked car; on the contrary, you should certainly do it”

    I can only presume Anthony Green has a good dentist.

  • Tedd

    It’s interesting to me that Mr. Green doesn’t seem to differential at all between promoting an understanding among parents about a genuine hazard they might not have fully appreciated (such as the vulnerability of children in motor-vehicle accidents) and invoking state power to punish parents who haven’t done anything even remotely wrong (such as charging a parent with an offense for letting their child walk home from the library). It’s all “child safety efforts” to him, apparently. His essay is a perfect example of the kind of muddled thinking and rhetorical obfuscation that the original essay criticizes.