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The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il

For fans of Juche (and who reading this blog wouldn’t be a fan of Juche), Michael Malice‎, a libertarian who is a professional ghostwriter, has a new kickstarter project: “Kim Jong Il: The Unauthorized Autobiography”, as taken almost entirely from North Korean propaganda pamphlets.

“Kim Jong Il: The Unauthorized Autobiography” Kickstarter Page

8 comments to The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il

  • Paul Marks

    I do not want to upset Mr Savage (who seems to be a fine fellow), but there already is a ghost written “autobiography” of the Communist degenerate Kim.

    The title is “Dreams From My Father” and it was ghost written (in part) by Comrade Bill Ayers.

    Or is that the “autobiography” of another Communist degenerate?

  • admin

    Paul: apply humour. Consider the comic possibilities of someone approaching the matter intentionally hyperbolically by dint of literal interpretation of the contemporary reportage.

    In other words: it will be a satire.

  • Can we raise $1000 and get him to do a talk for one of Brian’s Fridays?

  • A little tale from the archives….decades back, while workinig in Russia, I had some contact with a couple of N. Koreans. One of the projects they put to me was that I would sort out a version (an official version that is) of the life of Kim Il Sung. They had it in sorta English but it needed to be re-written into English English, so they thought.

    I turned it down for two reasons. Firstly, because they were offering N. Korean rates of pay. Secondly, because I couldn’t see any way at all of doing it without it being the sort of satire that this book is obviously shaping up to be.

    True story……

  • Perry Metzger (New York, USA)

    I’d like to correct a small misapprehension. I don’t believe that Michael intends to make the book satirical per se. It is intended to be funny — wildly so in fact — but satire would imply that he would be personally stretching the truth for purposes of humor. Instead, it appears his intent is to simply report the things the North Korean propaganda machine has already made up — many of which, including the claims of his miraculous birth, miracles he performed in life, etc., are already strange beyond belief — as though they were facts.

  • Paul Marks

    So they are Perry – so they are.

    I love the wonderful mixture of Marxist B.S. and mystical B.S. that is North Korean propaganda.

    As Ayn Rand would have put it – a mixture of Atilia and the Witchdoctor.

  • Paul Marks

    Silly me – Mr Malice, not Mr Savage.

  • Paul Marks

    By the way – I did know the project was meant with humour (I watched the presentation).