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Liberty League Freedom Forum 2013 – April 5th-7th

Yes, the Liberty League Freedom Forum 2013 is coming to London soon, and yesterday I booked my place at it. This cost me twenty five quid plus a small booking fee, and that price includes meals, so this would be quite a bargain even if all that the product consisted of was the meals. And if you are one of those peculiar people who does not live in London or nearby, and you take the “with accommodation” option, that will cost you a further … ten quid! For two nights of “hostel” accommodation. What that means I am not sure, but if a roof is involved it is also quite a bargain.

Common courtesy, however, demands that if one takes one of these amazingly enticing deals, as I just have, that one will also pay at least some attention to the events during the day, in between the eating and the hostelling.

So it helps that there is an impressive array of speakers. There are names that are familiar to me, like: Baker, Bowman, Davies, Dowd, Singleton, Wellings, to name but a few of the ones I know well. And there are others I hardly know at all, which you also want when you attend something like this, like Abebe Gellaw, exiled Ethiopian journalist and activist, and Wolf von Laer, Chairman of European Students for Liberty. And there are in-between people, whom I approximately know or know of, but would love to get to know better. Here is the full list of speakers and subjects. (Well, fuller, see below.)

The talk I am most looking forward to is the one by libertarian historian Steve Davies, entitled: “Health Costs: Always Up?” Good question. And given what a great speaker Davies always is, great answers are bound to be supplied.

Recommended. Given the prices being asked, I would recommend that you consider, soon, if you would like to go, and if you decide that you would, to book soon also.

Plus, I just re-read the email I got from Liberty League yesterday, which got me thinking about this event, and it started like this:

The UK’s biggest pro-liberty conference is only a few weeks away. We have even more speakers now confirmed, with legal expert Professor Randy Barnett on libertarian law, Professor Terence Kealey on the “Innovation versus Leviathan” panel, Peter Botting leading the public speaking workshop, Dr Tim Evans on anarcho-capitalism, Linda Whetstone on liberty movements around the world, along with the Institute of Economic Affairs’ Mark Littlewood, and author JP Floru.

They’ll have to talk fast.

6 comments to Liberty League Freedom Forum 2013 – April 5th-7th

  • Anders Sandberg is someone I have heard speak in transhumanist conferences before, rather than libertarian meetings, but he is also really good.

    I have just signed up for this. The speaker list looks terrific, and as the £25 includes meals, the conference itself is pretty much free.

  • Johnathan Pearce

    Looks a very strong event with lots of stimulating speakers. Not sure if I am going to be able to make it, but I am now checking the diary….

  • That does look good, thanks for the heads up – ticket booked as I’ve nothing on that weekend

  • Paul Marks

    Well I have ordered a full ticket.

    I hope I will be able to go.

    Still – my problem. I will not request a refund if I can not go.