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Doctor Theatre

I just did a recorded interview (for the Cobden Centre) with Patrick Crozier, and experienced the mystery that is Doctor Theatre. This is when you are ill, but performing. For the duration of the performance, the illness goes into a state of voluntary liquidation. As soon as the performance ends, back comes the illness.

I still have the remnants of a cough. When talking at all volubly, I have to stop from time to time, to cough. Except that during this performance, I did not cough once. As soon as the official part of the conversation stopped, I coughed, and Patrick said: that’s the first time you coughed during this entire conversation.

I talked about all this happening before it happened, with another friend. I thought that might spook it. But no. It happened exactly as predicted.

As to whether the conversation I had with Patrick, without coughing, was any good and at all worth listening to, that’s another matter entirely.

4 comments to Doctor Theatre

  • Tedd

    Ha. From the title I was expecting something on the NHS.

  • PersonFromPorlock

    Nonsense! While you were in the studio, your cough simply nipped next door to take in a concert.

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    I really feel for you Sami guys. That great Little Englander hero Jeremy Clarkson announces that, “Britain is nation of 62 million complete and utter bastards”.
    You must be waiting for the other shoe to drop: When’s he going to say, “This country really, really sucks. I’m out of here”?
    Don’t give me that “off topic” routine. Your topics are so mind-numbingly boring.
    Smell up and wake the coffee.

  • It has been a quiet weekend here so I whilst I should really just delete your worthless troll post, I will rise to the bait just this once.

    Hate to break it to you, but everywhere sucks, and the USA is no exception. UK has a a nightmarish nationalised healthcare system… and the USA has brilliantly decided to come up with their own version. UK has been inventing money out of nothing and poisoning its economy as a result. The USA has been doing the same and poisoning the global economy as a result. UK has appalling gun laws. USA has appalling civil forfeiture laws that do not even require being a person be brought to trial, let alone being convicted of anything, for them to lose their property.

    So piss off and shove that smelly coffee up your arse.