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Britain’s energy reforms are billed as a key part of the Cameron government’s growth strategy. To understand why the U.K. economy is flat-lining, look to a government that believes a policy to raise energy prices and squeeze living standards is good for growth. Unless Mr. Cameron wants to share Jimmy Carter’s electoral fate, he’d better push the reset button on his energy policy – fast

Rupert Derwal

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  • NickM

    iDave is a complete ignoramus (I won’t mention the first in PPE for fear of the umbrage of Perry) who ought to be stripped naked and whipped with the pizzle of a bull through the streets on Nuneaton.Thereupon he is to have his privy member cut from him and his bowels burnt. Or something.

  • Regional

    What do you expect from people who can’t get a job anywhere else?
    Westminster is full of ’em, like any Legislature around the world.

  • Phil Igree

    And now whereas my father did lade you with a heavy yoke, I will add to your yoke: my father hath chastised you with whips, but I will chastise you with scorpions.
    (I Kings 12, xi)

  • thefrollickingmole

    There is an absolute correlation between energy consumption and living standards. Its not theoretical or abstract, its absolute.

    So when my “betters” say “we are going to make you lower your energy consumption’ all I hear is a threat to make my living standards lower.

  • There is an absolute correlation between energy consumption and living standards. Its not theoretical or abstract, its absolute. So when my “betters” say “we are going to make you lower your energy consumption’ all I hear is a threat to make my living standards lower.

    The only problem that I have with this is that I look around me and most of my gadgetry is being unified, such that I actually only have ten items of equipment that I am actually dependant upon:

    01. ADSL Router / Wireless combo
    02. Laptop Computer
    03. LCD Television with built in Digital Tuner
    04. Electric Kettle
    05. Electric Hob Cooker
    06. Halogen Uplighter
    07. Shower
    08. Water Heater
    09. Washing Machine
    10. Tumble Dryer.

    These items have been pretty static for the last 10-years and I doubt I really need anything more than that, sure there are lots of things I COULD buy such as a toaster or a coffee machine, etc, but I don’t feel this really affects my standard of living.

    Equally, the power requirement of these items is much lower than it was 10 years ago as things have got less bulky and more energy efficient.

    Relax, calm down, step out of the consumerist rat race and this shit don’t matter any more. If you are really concerned about being forced into decisions on power consumption by ‘the man’ go down to Maplin, buy yourself some portable solar panels that you can install pretty much anywhere and learn how to get by off-the-grid.

    I did this with my motor home 2-years ago and can run all my lighting, Laptop recharging and about 4-hours of a very efficient TV from nothing more than 3 panels giving 60-watts of power.

    Chill Man.

    Most people today work in jobs they hate to buy shit they don’t need to please people they don’t like.*

    * With apologies to Chuck Palahniuk

  • JohnB

    Yes, making us lower our energy consumption cannot be regarded as a “growth strategy”.

    And the whole green/energy conservation/ecology routine has clearly been hijacked by the very worst, using a mantra of ‘concern’ to advance an agenda of power, greed, theft and personal advancement. (If that were being done honestly I would have far less of a problem with it.)

    However part of their credibility is that there is some truth in what they say.
    We are energy profligates and are spending the stuff like there is no tomorrow. And the worst, of course, are the Bono, Al Gore types with their mega megawatt burning houses, private helicopters, and all, while the plebs scrape along on the ground.

    But I would say that we need to introduce more efficiency and intelligence to our energy usage if we don’t want a boom/bust, without getting all religious or coercive about it.

  • BigFatFlyingBloke

    Free market is still the best way for that to happen whether it is through developing better and more sources of energy or by developing products which consume less energy than other competing products.

    The central planning approach to “energy efficiency” is doomed to achieve little but spiralling costs and a decreased standard of living and produce neither more efficiency nor energy.

  • lucklucky

    Cameron is Socialist Right.

  • Derek Buxton

    We are due to lose 40% of our generating capacity in a few years but, instead of replacing it over the last few years, nothing has been done. And it is not a case of rationing, or should not be, we have more people than ever before and so we need more energy. The government has no right to deprive us of energy. We are a First world Nation, well just about, their idea would dump us into the third world faster than anything else I can think of.

  • thefrollicking mole

    John Galt

    I dont think your list is anywhere near long enough.

    Absolutely everything you use/consume relies on cheap energy.

    Refineries, supermarkets, public transport, street lights, heating, cooling, the list is massive, its not just what you use, its what others use to get it too you.

    I resrve the right to cheap energy.

    Heres an example: Just what % increase in the NHS (England) would be needed to account for a 10% hike in electricity costs?

    Its a metric shitton more than 10%.