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Ken Clarke

“Eurosceptics aren’t supposed to like Ken Clarke. But I can’t help it. Apart from being completely wrong about one of the biggest questions of our age, the disastrous EU project, “Ken” is the absolute business. The unfazed Justice Secretary stands (or often sits) as a wonderful reprimand to the prissy, on-message posturing of the dominant political class. He likes jazz, smokes cigars and after more than 40 years in Parliament is one of the government’s few true big beasts.”

Iain Martin

I think if Ken Clarke did not have a track record of being so spectacularly wrong on the EU, he’d easily be the best man for the top job as Tory leader. Out with the windmills and the AGW nonsense, in with the Louis Armstrong and the Cuban cigars. I have met him several times and always been impressed by his blunt honesty and friendliness. The suede-shoes-and-pint-of-bitter thing is not a sort of act, either. That’s him.

But the EU-wrongness is a problem.

9 comments to Ken Clarke

  • I recall, from time to time during the Cold War, reading about how there was a “liberal” (as in favouring liberty) in the East German politburo, who wore leather jackets, liked jazz and was cool. There only ever seemed to be one such person at a time, however. So this didn’t mean that Communism was undisgusting, just that Herr Cool was serving the cause of disgustingness in a slightly different way to the usual.

    You are right, Clarke being a similar sort of outlier doesn’t make the important stuff he believes any less destructive. All that it says to me is that he really ought to know better, but refuses to.

  • JohnB

    He is part of the cabal that destroyed the Thatcherite influence (that brought back some prosperity and sanity to Britain and enabled the Conservatives to win election after election) and ultimately made Blair’s Labour more conservative and electable than the Conservatives.

    He is part of the drive to submerge Britain into Europe.

    He is almost classic enemy grade elite.

  • I despise him and all his ilk.

    Yes over the years I too have done ‘port and cigars’ with various politicians and often found them very agreeable in person.

    And it reminds me of the various stories my American grandfather told me about several social gatherings in the 1950’s where he met Meyer Lansky, with whom he was eventually on first name terms. He said he was very agreeable company… but he always reminded himself just what such people really are.

    I don’t see statists like Clarke in a materially different way.

  • John K

    I’m sure Fred West was a good builder, but all things considered I wouldn’t want him working in my house.

  • RAB

    Hey I love Jazz, Cuban Cigars and blue suede shoes, vote for me!

    But I also hate the EU and all it has done and will do to us. Cuddly Ken doesn’t, quite the opposite.

    Ken never even read the Maastricht Treaty, why would he? he agrees with every word of it. He used his copy to fix the wobbly leg on the table in his special booth at Ronnie Scott’s.

    He’s the laziest most condesending patronising little git in UK politics today. His appointment to a Cabinet post when he should have been pensioned off to the Lords long ago, was the first indication of what a fuckwit iDave is and what a clusterfuck he would preside over.

    Clarke was a Heath man to the core, a dripping wet Eurofanatic from the off. He was also the first to stab Maggie, not in the back, but right up front. May he and his ilk rot in hell!

  • I’m sure Fred West was a good builder, but all things considered I wouldn’t want him working in my house.

    His insistence on working only nights would be an inconvenience, for starters.

  • Paul Marks

    The comments have said it all.

    Bog off “Ken”.

  • Dave Walker

    There’s only one word appropriate, for Britons who argue and act for the removal of British independence and self-determination, whether by martial or political means: “traitors”.

  • “Out with the windmills and the AGW nonsense, in with the Louis Armstrong and the Cuban cigars.”

    Giant cigars and trumpets marching up and down the countryside? A bit too Salvador Dali for me.