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Baker’s books

I’ve said it here before and I am sure I will say it here again. Steve Baker MP is a remarkable man.

Last week, Steve Baker published, in a new Spectator venture, this list of books that he admires, with very brief notes saying why. The list contains several books by authors of the sort that no normal MP would admit to admiring, whatever he might privately claim. Nozick, Jesus Huerta de Soto, Schlichter (Schlichter’s Paper Money Collapse being Baker’s answer to the question: “What book best describes now?”), Nigel Ashford (an excellent populariser and clarifier of libertarian ideas), Bastiat, von Mises (the books of those two authors, along with the King James Bible, being the ones that Baker would snatch from a British library fire). Amazing.

I thought I would die before I witnessed a British Member of Parliament publishing a list of books like that, as opposed to merely chatting about such things between ourselves, dear boy. Baker is out and proud about it. He knows what are the big ideas that matter the most just now, and he doesn’t care who knows that he knows.

10 comments to Baker’s books

  • If the guy is so good, his days in politics must be numbered…

  • Paul Marks

    Brian – agreed on all points.

    Alisa – I am not so sure.

    The world is changing – and whilst terrible times are comming (that can not be avoided now), not all the changes will be for the bad.

    The opportunity for people like Mr Baker may be comming.

  • Wow, an optimistic note from Paul – what’s next?! I so hope you are right, Paul, but may I ask how old is Mr. Baker?:-)

  • Johnathan Pearce

    I have a feeling that Steven Baker, like those other more economically literate Tories of times past (Nick Budgen, Jock Bruce-Gardyne, Nigel Lawson, etc) may have a few more years in politics to come. I hope so. We could use a few more like him.

    And the great thing is, he’s not some crazed ideologue in tweeds. What you see is what you get: a thoroughly decent, likeable, smart young chap who unlike many MPs, has had background in doing something useful and difficult (RAF engineer).

  • Laird

    An interesting collection of books, although I have to say that “Distributed Algorithms” isn’t going to be added to my list any time soon!

  • Distributed Algorithms looks pretty good. I looked inside on Amazon and it’s more readable than I expected. £82.65, though… Maybe my boss will buy it for me.

    If Baker can read and understand it, that suggests he knows how to think properly. No wonder he is persuaded by Austrian economics.

  • Thanks Brian. I’m 40 Alisa.

  • Then you are certainly young enough to make a difference, Steve, and I wish you a great success with all my heart.

  • RAB

    Good heavens, the man himself! Good choice of books sir, though I am with Laird on the Algorithms, still trying to get my head around my Vista media Centre Manual myself.

    As you’re on good sir, may I take the liberty of asking a few questions the regulars on this blog would dearly love the answers to?

    1. How many Conservatives are actually in the Conservative party these days? Our magnificent decisive leader doesn’t appear to be one of them.

    2. What do you MPs know about Europe that has escaped us mug punters? Why is it that we are screaming for a Referendum on In or Out (nothing else will do, getting powers back is just cloud cuckoo land) and iDave rules it out of the question even before the proposed Parliamentary vote?

    3. What the hell has the EU ever done for GB apart from bankrupt us and steal our Sovereignty and cash? Three examples will do. 😉