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Monkey business

Bongo on the Moon
Bongo expresses joy at his NASA aided escape from Earth and the evil Petans.
Photo: copyright Dale Amon, All Rights Reserved

Backstory: The dinner speech by NASA Administrator General Bolden at our NSS conference in Chicago in May 2010 was briefly (about 10 seconds) interrupted by some little twit from PETA who was carried bodily to the ballroom door. We did not press charges. Her complaint? NASA was going to put some monkeys through the same things that people will be going through on a trip to Mars.

So, I am striking a blow to open the stars for all Primate-kind! Arise Primates of Earth! You have nothing to lose but 1G and your Petan chains!

4 comments to Monkey business

  • Hmm,

    Haha! Looks like Tinky Winky’s boldly going where no tellytubby’s gone before!

    Can’t help it sorry.., got to say…
    Peta person posed a plight of pickled primates?

  • 'Nuke' Gray

    Bongo doesn’t seem to have a mouth! This is another mutant from Monsanto, isn’t it! You’re breeding human replacements right now! It’s the end of humanity!

  • I bet if they were planning to launch several thousand dogs a year, PETA would not only be all for it, but would pony up some of the supply.
    PETA only love animals that are not traditionally husbanded, presumably dogs, cats and horses are quislings of some sort.

  • 'Nuke' Gray

    This seems like the right place to talk about this- some scientists in Europe think they have clocked neutrinos that can travel faster than the top speed of light!
    If true, a neutrino-drive spaceship may get us into space yet! We won’t need pesky high-maintenance worm-holes, and we might be able to use naturally-occuring anti-matter (as I mentioned a few weeks ago) to power our craft.
    Who needs Mars- let’s start on the stars!