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Jews on the moon!

Instapundit has just asked if, in the words at the top of the piece he links to, Israel will be the third nation on the moon.

Oh I hope so. I really do hope so.

I am an optimist, in the sense that I always want to be an optimist, which I suppose is what an optimist is. But of late, being an optimist has been very hard. This notion, even as a mere possibility, has cheered me up no end. The nearer it gets to actually happening, the happier I will be about it.

And the more all the right people, as in the deeply and repellently wrong people, will get angry.

21 comments to Jews on the moon!

  • M. Thompson

    Suddenly, Mel Brooks’ “Jews in Space” skit isn’t quite so funny.

  • 'Nuke' Gray

    What a conundrum for mohammedans! They use the moon as their symbol- what will they do if Jews land there, or annex the moon? Sheer lunacy would result!
    Of course, the moon wouldn’t last long then, as Jewish enterpreneurs mined the moon for green cheese. With cows being killed off so they can’t methanize the atmosphere, the moon will be the only source of cheese! Quick, americans- go back there! We can’t let any nation moonopolize such an asset!

  • jew s a

    Darn, I thought this might be a plan to relocate all jews to the moon thereby solving almost all of the world’s problems. Oh well

  • Chuckles

    Good luck Mr. Gorsky.

  • Johnathan Pearce

    Given the sheer professionalism of the Israeli Air Force and its aviation sector, its excellent IT industry, the little country is well placed to do serious stuff like this. The recent George Gilder book, The Israel Test, is a good guide to how much is happening.

    Yes, Brian, you are right that this is going to seriously piss off the usual “but some of my best friends are Jews” wankers both on the hard left and far right. And the Islamists will go bonkers, if only because this highlights the massive gulf between the shitness of their “civilisation” and the attainments of the real McKoy.

    Bring it on.

  • You (and Freedman) show your statist/Zionist bias.

    Israel won’t be the nezt country on the moon.

    Even BETTER.

    Some private citizens from Israel will be third on the moon.

  • Klaus

    Beware of these guys (Link) who are already there!

  • Russ

    Not to mention, when they’re done with all the cheese, they can bring their robots for some awesome skiing w/o having to fund a bunch of european anti-semites.

  • Some private citizens from Israel will be third on the moon.

    I think some private UK citizens beat ’em to it.

    Is moon cheese kosher? I guess it is, if the Jews are going there. Or maybe it’s not, and they plan to export.

  • Why go to the moon, what’s wrong with staying home and eating your own cheese? I bought it especially for you, you know Don’t mind me, it’s a Jewish thing…

  • Chuck6134

    If Israel does get there anytime soon, it will be lots of people’s panties in a wad for sure. It will also cause no end of anger in the UN (another reason to cheer the Israelis on!) as they worry a country that didn’t sign that ludicrous UN space treaty might open the moon/inner space to PRIVATE development!

  • Before everyone gets too excited about this, I suggest they click Brian’s link: these are two Israeli geeks who are bidding for the Google Lunar X Prize with a robot ‘the size of a coca-cola bottle’ – hardly something to get the UN interested, but then stranger things have happened…

  • 'Nuke' Gray

    Alisa, lunar cheese will be expensive, and thus will be saved and stored and kept as an investment! your cheap cheese, however, will be eaten so as to make room for some good stuff. Not that I don’t appreciate your cheese, but you never sent me one Xmas card! Not one! I’m cheesed off about that!

  • I almost sent one Nuke, but then it just seemed too cheesy:-)

  • Laird

    Chuck6134, FYI Israel is a signatory to the Outer Space Treaty (see here), although it is not a signatory to the (largely meaningless) “Moon Agreement” (neither is the US).

  • 'Nuke' Gray

    Cheesus, Alisa, stop with the cheese jokes, alright, already? Mazel Tov, it’s so hard to have a sirius conversation with you!

  • This thread is getting loony.

  • I think you are all missing the big picture here! In order to truly sample lunar cheese then you must pour yourself a bottle of space beer to wash it down with. Which is apparently been developed by our chums in Australia.

    Apparently the Americans are researching sex in space.

    Well our own Roger Moore got there first. Who can forget the brilliantly awful line from Moonraker, “I think he’s attempting re-entry, sir!”

  • Dale Amon

    I’ll have to be on the look out for these guys. We have a bunch of Lunar X Prize teams coming to our NSS conference in Huntsville in May.

    I’ll be sure to suggest they put a nice big star on their probe. What I did not see in the article though was how they intend to soft land it and how they are going to manage the TLI… (getting a small hitchhiker to LEO is not that big of an issue, and GEO is only a little harder… but getting a TLI is like hitch hiking on a road with no traffic. Perhaps this is a job for Ed Belbruno!)

  • Laird

    Perhaps they’ve gotten one of Douglas Adams’ Electronic Thumbs.