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I’m against the rise in student fees… ‘cos it ain’t fuckin’ high enough

Thaddeus Tremayne

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  • Chuck6134

    Too many worthless degrees going to too many future social parasites, maybe if tuition gets high enough it’ll cause degrees to regain some value.

  • As soon as the State got to meddle fully in Universities, the same thing happened as in currency, defence, health, “employment” and industry. We either got less of it, or like currency we got more of it and it become worthless.

    At least 100, or more, of the “new Universities” should be returned to their original function of technical colleges.

    I also gather that at “The University of Northampton”, you can do a degree in “Waste Management with Dance”.

  • Paul Marks

    Each university should set its own fees.

    And if a university does not wish to charge students for teaching them (for example Rice University in Houston did not charge fees till quite recently) they should be free not to charge.

    There should, of course, be no tax money for universities – directly or indirectly.

  • Richard Thomas

    In juicy irony, one of the outstanding memories of my student days in the early nineties was the capital labor made opposing the cuts in grants and the introduction of top-up loans. See where 10 years of socialists in power brought things. The left are not the friends of anyone.

  • Ian F4

    The market will prevail, universities will be forced to lower the cost of those courses that do not offer the required return on investment, i.e. the salary you get for the job for which the degree is applicable.

  • M. Thompson

    So, about how much would those fees run?

    Four years ago, when I ignominiously left a major North Central Research University, it cost about US$20,000/year for tuition, room, and board, if you lived in the state that supported the institution.

    Of course, the Ivies were running about US$35-40,000 per year at that time.

  • thefrollickingmole

    Lets face it, unis and work qualification inflation have been a handy way to keep unemployment figures down.

    Every “proessional student” engaged in politiking for a decade rather than earning a hard degree is one less to count.