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How to deal with spy cameras

Not that I am recommending such behaviour as this to any Samizdata reader, of course.

5 comments to How to deal with spy cameras

  • Bruce Hoult

    Wow, they paint them bright yellow in the UK! Here in NZ they’re in reasonably plain sight but painted in drab.

  • Dale Amon

    Wow, you mean they actually are used for taking pictures? I thought they were just put there by the kindly State so we could all hone our sharp shooting skills…

  • Richard Thomas

    Bruce, I think that the argument was that since they were supposed to be for improving road safety, not just revenue collection, they should be plenty visible. Personally, I find the argument a bit specious but no more specious than the argument in support of the cameras in the first place.

  • Jerry

    Most of the ones I see on the west side of ‘the pond’ are mounted next to traffic lights and well out of reach, unless, of course, one resorts to, um, well, er, ah, shall we say ‘projectiles’ of some sort !!

    They have been primarily sold over here as well as accident prevention but the REAL reason is revenue !!
    I’ve been convinced for some time that speeding tickets of ALL kinds are simply revenue sources and have little to nothing to do with safety.

    In addition, the cameras appear to cause an increased number of rear-end collision due to someone standing their car on it’s nose when the light turns yellow.
    And by varying the duration of the yellow light
    ( read that as ‘shortening the duration’ !! ) one can ‘create more red light runners and increase revenue.

    But we all know that our benevolent, all-knowing, all-wise and nurturing gov’t would NEVER do something like that, right ??!! After all, they have all the money they need to meet our every requirement from cradle to grave. Blech. I can’t even say or write that without revulsion.