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Liveblogging the US elections from Ali G land

For the benefit of anyone who would like a Brit libertarian angle on the US Midterms, Antoine Clarke has blogged about them already (with more promised) at his recently launched Norlonto Review. And Rob at Rob’s Blog is also up and liveblogging. Both are at Mr and Mrs Rob’s home for the evening.

I too was going to be there, if only to see how the new offspring is doing, but a seriously sore throat demands that I remain at home, and probably also that I stay away from babies outside of London. Have a good evening everyone, and sorry not to be there to share with you face-to-face whatever fun may materialise. Your blogging will be the next best thing.

LATER – best bit yet, from Rob at 20:48:

So Al Jazeera had a polite discussion with a sensible Tea Partier who was allowed to make all kinds of sensible points about healthcare reforms and stimulus packages. Al Jazeera is much better than the BBC.

Building an audience by reporting things intelligently. Whatever next?

LATER: Michael J just got a mention from Rob, so maybe there’ll be something from him here. Or here.

7 comments to Liveblogging the US elections from Ali G land

  • I hope there’s one of those “Margaret Thatcher crying in the car driving away from Number 10” moments for Pelosi.

  • I think you would have missed the new offspring anyhow: he doesn’t believe in daylight savings.

  • Bod

    The idea’s a heartwarming one, Ian, but la Pelosi’s had so much botox, her tear ducts dried up years ago.

  • Pete

    It’s unfair to compare the BBC’s news with Al Jazeera’s.

    The BBC’s charter obliges the BBC to educate us, not just inform. That’s why the corporation makes it very plain that the Tea Party is a bad thing. BBC news staff are very clever.

    Al Jazeera, and many other news sources, can simply present us with facts and let us make up our own minds.

  • Andrew Duffin

    Brian I do wonder a bit why babies inside London don’t matter when it comes to coughs and sneezes.

  • Andrew D

    What I had in mind is that babies inside London have caught everything already. Or, being London babies, are immune to it.

  • Paul Marks

    It was Ian B. – it was.

    That much at least we can take comfort in.