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Interviewing James Tyler for Cobden Centre Radio


In a fascinating 36 minute interview, Cobden Centre Radio’s very own Brian Micklethwait speaks to James Tyler, the Chief Executive of Tyler Capital and a member of our Cobden Centre advisory board.

I’ll surely have more to say about this, but busy day today. So suffice it to say, for now, click on this to listen to the mp3, or follow the top link to find it as a podcast.

My main general impression of James Tyler was what a good and thoughtful person he is, very much his own man in how he thinks about things and goes about things, yet in no way scornful of or unsympathetic towards others who take the road more travelled. If the propaganda fence to be got over is that Austrian economics, once you’ve been told about it by your resident lefty, is an excuse for billionaires to piss on everyone, then a man like Tyler is just the sort to get you thinking that it’s a whole lot better and more intelligent than that.

His central point was that nobody should have the kind of power over economic life that our current powers that be (“crony capitalism”) do now have.

3 comments to Interviewing James Tyler for Cobden Centre Radio

  • JezB

    just been to my alma mater to watch de Soto givin it some. describing mervyn king as head socialist was funny, and caused my neighbour in the cheap seats at the back to giggle too.

    also glad to see him pick out Carswell and give him and his early day motion a boost.

    viva austrian economics! a por ellos!

  • Paul Marks

    Of course the lefty (regardless of Mr Tyler’s manner or moral character) would just say James Tyler was the sort of rich person who would benefit from an evil “hard money” “restricted credit” policy (high interest rates sweating the poor….).

    Of course, in the real world, rich elites actually benefit from “loose money” – they are the people who get first crack at all the funny money credit expansion.

    However, the left either do not see that – or pretend not to see that.

    Given the very strong alliance between so much of what Marxists call “Finance Capital” (i.e. banking and so on) and the left in the United States I suspect that “pretend not to see” is closer to the truth.

    The days of the “Republican banker” ended long ago (Wells Fargo has some top people who are Republican – but I can not think of many other American banks who do).

    Bank of American, J.P. Moran Chase and the rest do not just subsidize the Democrat politicians – they subsidize the far left activists also (they really do).

    And the “financial institutions” (sometimes banks sometimes not – they keep changing their legal classification in order to get bigger government subsidies) like Goldman Sachs and G.E. Capital, they do the same – both financing the mainstream Democrat politicians and the far left activist groups.

    Although (before Glenn Beck explodes) – yes I accept that in the Age of Obama, the far left activists and the mainstream Democrat politicians have merged.

    Actually I noticed this trend some years ago and ……..

    “Yes, but Paul you did not get the message out to tens of millions of people – you got it to the thin air you talk to most of the time”. Paul grinds teeth as he can think of no reply, and has just lost an argument with himself.

    Well turning back to banking and the need for lending to be from real savings………

    I wish James Tyler every success in trying to win people over to reason.

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