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“Amazing isn’t it? Not that Labour slimed an ordinary member of the public who disagreed with them. They’ve been doing that since before they were elected in 1997. The lucky ones only found their reputations traduced in the press. The not so lucky ones found themselves dead in a field. No, what’s amazing is that is was caught live and bang to rights.”

Blognor Regis

If I were this Mrs Duffy person who was slimed by Brown, I’d be thinking of watching my back for a few months. One thing we have learned over the past 13 years is that NewLabour are vindictive bastards.

Update: Janet Daley draws a certain parallel – as well as noting a key difference – in another famous example of a leftist politician blurting out certain comments during an encounter with an ordinary member of the public, the famous Obama/Joe The Plumber exchange.

As this Joe character found, Obama’s attack dogs tried to make life hard for him and as I said above, it may already be happening to the lady who was slagged off by Mr Brown.

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  • I reckon she’s safe from actual murder. But more subtle revenges of all kinds may now be unleashed upon her, and not necessarily all centrally directed by the Brown thuggocracy. Quite a few comments by Labour supporters in various places in the last few hours have basically said: she is a bigot. Many are just arguing, which is okay, I suppose. But some such comments seemed have real nastiness in them, of the kind that could also be communicated directly to her face.

    Indeed, the Labour high command may even have to issue a kind of anti-fatwah, because if she is bullied by the Labour membership that will only make Labour look even worse.

    What a clusterfuck. I am delighted. I don’t only want Brown finished off. I want the entire damn party that turned him loose on us, and then kept on failing to sack him, to suffer big time also.

  • Tim

    Watching Brown squirm in front of the camera as he had his bigot comment played back to him yesterday suggested to me he hadn’t been on the same course as an ex-colleague of mine. She is a prospective candidate in a Northern seat – candidate, party and seat irrelevant as they are all as bad as each other.

    About 18 months ago, she attended a weekend course for candidates, part of which involved being told to go forth at the end of the course and deliberately tell a lie to someone they knew. Apparently the dual purpose was first to see if they could get away with it and second, to learn to deal with the consequences.

    Brown obviously failed the test yesterday; he did the lying all right – smiling (sort of) to the lady’s face but utterly failed to deal with the consequences.

    Happy retirement Gordon.

  • For anyone who, like me, was wondering what this is all about, a link.

  • Delicious, I must add.

  • he hadn’t been on the same course as an ex-colleague of mine

    Or on the same planet as the rest of us?

  • The only serious defence that anyone has offered for this gaffe is that it wasn’t cricket to bug Gordon’s jag in the first place. It was a privacy violation.

    Echoing what Natalie Solent said on yesterday’s SQOTD, a commenter on Janet Dailey’s piece responded thus:

    “Given that the British people are the most spied-upon in the world thanks to this unelected pretend Prime Minister, it seems a bit cheeky to grumble about the rest of us eavesdropping on his private conversations. Me – I love the irony!”

    Alas, though, nothing pretend about him being Prime Minister. If only.

  • llamas

    I heard the whole thing on NPR (here in the USA) this morning.

    They couldn’t help themselves – they played the initial comments once, then played about 2 minutes of repeated apologies. The whole story was about showing Brown in the best possible light. Mrs Duffy’s comments were also heavily redacted, I now see.

    But NPR did make the direct connection between her and Joe the Plumber – and the time it took the Ohio Democratic machine to start a dossier on him was measured with an egg-timer. I hope that she doesn’t have plumbing problems in her council house anytime soon.



  • John K

    The Jag was not bugged, Brown knew he was wearing a radio mike, he was just too fuckwitted to remember he was wearing it. Tough shit, couldn’t happen to a nicer man. We know the political elite despise us, but it’s nice to have it proved beyond doubt.

  • That’s right – they would probably make things start to go wrong for her, in a non-attributable way.

  • Paul Marks

    Yes – cheat on your taxes like Obama’s Treasury Sec (and he is a tax cheat – the IMF, his employer for the money on which he did not pay taxes, actually calculated the tax for him and gave him a cheque with which to pay the tax – which he then pocketed) and MANY OTHER Obama people, and nothing happens to you.

    Indeed you prosper – and the “mainstream” media sing your praises.

    You can even “cook the books” (i.e. ENGAGE IN FRAUD) at Fannie Mae in order to pocket 90 million Dollars in bonus payments – and you will be fine, and the media (and academia) will treat you as a respected intellectual.

    But do not pay everything in advance (because you can not afford to get someone else to do your tax return for you – and so rely on the IRS to tell you how much you need to pay them) and the media will try and tear you to bits (although you have committed no crime).

    In spite of the fact that you do not earn in a year what the typical Obama pal spashes out for a nights entertainment.