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Samizdata quote of the day

Gordon is cyanide on the doorstep.

Rachel Sylvester gets lucky quoting a Labour candidate in what used to be a safe Labour seat, just before Gordon Brown calls a core Labour voter a bigot. I reckon he’s cyanide everywhere.

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  • pete

    Gordon must privately think that our main EU partners are countries full of bigots because of their decision not to allow Poles and other newer EU people to have the right to work in their economies.

    Yet he’s allowed the UK to become ever more enmeshed in the EU project and even refused to allow a referendum on the matter.

    Why is he keen to tie us closer to a continent full of German, French, Italian and Spanish etc bigots who still refuse to avail themselves of all the benefits of Polish immigration?

  • EvilDave

    Well I do agree. Most Leftists are closed minded bigots, but their bigotry is Politically Correct bigotry; so, they get applauded for it.

    To be a good Leftist you need to e both intellectually lazy and intellectually dishonest.

  • Kevin B

    Poor old Gordon. Perhaps, like his namesake George, he was ‘tired and emotional’ .

    (Ah! The good old days when Private Eye was a satirical magazine.)

  • I respectfully submit an even better quote of the day, nicked from a commenter called “Bigwigandfiver” on a Guardian article by Prescott defending Brown:





    Put those words together in a well known phrase Mr Prescott.”

  • Eric

    The irony is only made delicious by the fact that it was Brooooon’s ideological cronies that made the accusation of bigotry so loaded, politically.

  • Nuke Gray

    She sounds like a bigot to me! Why don’t we send her back to bigotland where she came from?

  • Johnathan Pearce

    The sad thing about all this is that there are genuine bigots out there who are paranoid about all them dirty furriners taking over our land and taking “our” jobs, and who wish immigrants ill. Some of this is more about culture, and worries about the influx of Muslim immigrants, than about economics. Interestingly, in the case involving Brown, the issue was about immigrants from Eastern Europe from places such as Poland, etc.

    That said, Brown has shown himself to be a two-faced shit and his removal from public life can be expected to be swift and brutal. If he were a decent man, he’d be off to a private room with a bottle of whiskey and a loaded .45. Sad thing is, handguns are banned in the UK these days. Where’s a decent Glock or Biretta when you need one?