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It’s not enough to be rich and famous if you’re not somehow “relevant”. Whether it’s Prince Charles or Al Gore or Leonardo DiCaprio or any of these other guys, they all have the same message: “Hey, I deserve to live like this. Now shut up and shiver in the dark, you peasants”.

Simon Scowl

8 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • Frank S

    Your quote applies to the posh end of the greenie spectrum. Here’s a report on what it is like near the yobbo end of it – a recent mobbing of a meeting in Copenhagen:

  • Stonyground

    I feel a little sad that the vast majority of us understand very well where the boundaries of civilised behaviour lie. This understanding is, it seems, so fragile and vulnerable to us latching onto any kind of righteous cause. This seems to give us licence to behave exactly as we please and history suggests that there are no limits to the levels of depravity that we are capable of sinking to.

    Reading this back I wonder what happened to the me that was so full of optimism and faith in human nature, is reality really this grim?

  • John B

    My feeling is that I am more than willing to adopt the “carbon footprint” of any of these professional hypocrites if they will just send me the money to do so.

  • DavidC

    Are you seriously telling me that the best people are in the best posts for them. Not in the UK for the last ten years. Tony Blair was relevant for all wrong reasons, and now he is on the TV further fuelling the reasons this country went to war. Shame.

  • J.M. Heinrichs

    Think more pleasant thoughts.


  • el windy

    How do “climate activists” manage to turn up all these frequent climate junkets in all corners of the world without (a) a massive carbon footprint and (b) spending loads and loads of money? And in connection with (b) – Who pays for their travel and accommodation costs and why?
    Don’t they have day jobs? Does anybody ever try to check on their workplace absenteeism or would that make their line manager a “climate warming denier”?

  • Paul Marks

    Jet off to Sweden to collect a (totally unearned) Nobel Peace Prize, jet home. Then, a couple of days later, jet off to Denmark for another photo op – and then jet back.

    These are not the actions of someone who really believes in man made climate change via C02 emissions.

  • Laird

    “These are not the actions of someone who really believes in man made climate change via C02 emissions.”

    They’re not inconsistent with such a belief, either. What they are, are the actions of a man who is so certain of his own importance that his personal CO2 “footprint” is of no consequence. They are indicia of hubris, but not (necessarily) inconsistency.