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A bit busy today


Early vegetarian brings home a kill

14 comments to A bit busy today

  • Midwesterner

    Are you going to make its pelt into a fir coat for Adriana? Waste not, want not. 🙂

  • CFM

    It’s been just a year since I bagged one of those. The trick is in the stalking – their camo is quite good in a forest. The city strains are easier to find, but you lose some green in the process.

    Eh, someone else take over, please.

  • RAB

    Dont needle him Mid and CFM!
    They will be all over the carpet by New Years day anyway.

    What kind of wuzzy tree do you call that Perry?
    Mine is being paddled across the North Sea by Norwegians as I speak!

    We will be getting the party snaps as usual I hope?

    My invitation has been lost in the post again then I suppose? 😉

  • The Marx as Mickey Mouse short is good, but something celebrating the clubbing of baby seals may have been more appropriate for this heinous crime against ecology!


  • RRS

    What! No Plastic.

    Kill an oil well ! Save the forests!

    Other slogans will soon be heard.

  • Preston Hill

    “Vegetarian” is old indian word for “can’t hunt very well.”

  • Not banned yet, but certainly smited. Fine, I take it back, it’s just the camera angle, honest!

  • Johnathan Pearce

    Watch out, it’s The Grinch!

  • owinok

    Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2010. No PC

  • In a former life I once had occasion to meet Richard Holloway. I only remember two things about him and one was how quick he was to the Church exit.

    This doesn’t have anything necessarily to do with trees, but here’s one genuine Christmas present to those who care/dare to open it.

  • Dom

    What does the T-Shirt say? I can only make out “… Captilism, the less stuttering.”

  • Dom

    Oops, now it looks like “suffering”. Is it “The more capital, the less suffering”?

  • pst314

    Yes, it says “the more capital, the less suffering”.

    Can one still buy it? Who sold it? Was it the Dissident Frogman? And didn’t he sell another one which featured Che wearing Mickey Mouse ears?

  • RichieP

    I’m intrigued – how do you intend to cook it? In batter like a pakora perhaps?